Parish Award 2019


  1. There are two silver trophies one for ADULT and the other for CHILD


  1. These awards are to be presented to ADULT or CHILD who has carried out a project, scheme or action that has been of benefit, or raised the profile in a favourable way, of the parish.


  1. This can also include personal, sporting or academic achievements that reflect on the parish.


  1. Nominees must be resident in the parish, but at the discretion of the Parish Council this may be varied.


  1. In any year where there are adult nominees and no child (or vice versa) both trophies may be awarded to two adult winners (or child).


Nominations must made be in writing, & signed and sent to the Clerk: – Lorraine Stanley, 6 Appletree Road, Chipping Warden 

by; –  2nd April 2019.

Hs2 Works Update – Week Ending 8/2/19 – Next two weeks look-ahead


Relief Road works will continue on the airfield north of the Perimeter Track to lay stone on new perimeter road and to cut side V ditches for bypass drainage and form bunds.  Additional work is required to repair an uncharted drainage pipe uncovered and remove a discovered buried structure.
On the central part from Appletree Road to Perimeter track they will continue balancing pond excavation
On southern part (Allens Orchard to Appletree Road) they will complete the soil strip and commence excavations
The Heras Fencing to protect the site will be erected around the site of balancing pond excavations at Allens Orchard (probably around the middle of next week) and Trial holes dug and tree removal on the green will be commenced the week after.  The Millennium Oak will unfortunately have to be removed but they are hoping to preserve the silver birch on Allens Orchard which has now been wrapped in bunting to “point it out”.
Work will continue at Aston-le-Walls crossroads installing drainage and ducting on all four quadrants and widening earthworks to the SE including part time traffic light control.

Around the 18th the A361 site entrance widening works will be started which may cause some minor traffic interference.

Meanwhile news is available on the HS2 Commonplace website at

and any issues should be reported to their helpline on 08081 434 434 .

Hs2 Works Update Feb 2019

Following meeting with the Fusion-JV Site Project Manager we have been advised the ‘Look-ahead’ Project planning for the next couple of weeks.


Relief Road works will continue on the airfield north of the Perimeter Track to cut side V ditches and form bunds

On central part from Appletree Road to Perimeter track they will continue the soil strip

On southern part (Allens Orchard to Appletree Road) they will complete soil strip and begin excavations

The Balancing pond at Appletree Road will be excavated

Heras Fencing (the interlocking metal stuff) will be erected around the site of balancing pond excavations at Allens Orchard and Trial holes dug and tree removal on the green will be commenced.

Work will continue at Aston-le-Walls crossroads including part time traffic light control

The PC have asked to maintain (if possible) the Millennium Oak and Silver Birch on Allens Orchard green.  This is being reviewed again by the designers but as both are very close to the main excavation areas it is improbable but at least they are looking at it again.  The oak will be right against the pond boundary and the silver birch is very close to the current road edge.

I can confirm that the current plan is for BOTH temporary roundabouts on the bypass to be eventually removed once the main bypass is fully open but this will be undertaken sometime later by the main works contractors and not Fusion-JV who are building the current stage 1 part.  The second smaller roundabout will be at the new junction of the existing A361 and the bypass spur just outside the northern 30mph village entry signs.  This is NOT shown on any current published plans but is required for safe turning of vehicles (particularly HGV’s) at the junction.  The large roundabout at the end of the stage 1 bypass where vehicles will turn back down the spur to the existing A361 will also now have a road access to the airfield construction site and will be used to access the works by all construction vehicles during the main works programme.  From there vehicles will be able to pass East (under the new bypass by tunnel) and West along the railway trace to access the working areas.

As such it is proposed the second stage of the bypass completing the link back to the northern A361 will be built sooner rather than later in the scheme.  Which I think is good news!

More information will be available at the next Drop-in on 6th February from 4pm till 7pm at the Village Hall.

Meanwhile news is available on the Commonplace website (though it’s not updated very regularly by Hs2) at and any issues should be reported to their helpline on  08081 434 434 .

All households should also be soon receiving notice by post of the Advance Works Notice (AWN) relating to the next stages of the bypass construction.

A5 Closures at Towcester

Received from SNC

We a writing to inform you of roadworks on the A5 through Towcester set to be carried out by Highways England (HE).


The works will start at the end of July, are expected to last for around four months and there will be periods in which sections of the A5 will be closed in both directions for 24 hours.


HE have a dedicated Public Liaison Officer (details below) who has been talking to businesses and residents in the town, but we thought it important to make sure parish councillors across the district were also informed.


Please could you include this letter in your regular meetings and, if possible, post a notice on the village notice board and include in the village’s next online newsletter.


Access to The Forum, and the short and long stay car parks along Northampton Road, will be maintained but anyone travelling to The Forum should allow for extra travel time.


The works include the reinstatement of a trench over a gas main that runs down the centre of the A5, alongside repairs to damaged drains and kerbs, the resurfacing of footways and the carriageway, and a refresh of road markings.


The work will be carried out in phases starting at the bridge over the River Tove near Aldi and Tesco, then will make its way south through the town centre, finishing near Marlow Road.


Through traffic heading south along the A5 will be diverted south at the Tove roundabout along A43 to the A413 Whittlebury turning, then east at Cow Pastures and back on to the A5.


Northbound traffic will be diverted north at the Stony Stratford roundabout along the A508 into Northampton and on to the M1 or Mereway Ring Road, then south back towards Towester via the A43.


It should be noted that gaps in the central reservation along the A43 will also be closed for safety reasons.


The timing of the closures on the A5 will vary and motorists should pay close attention to any signage.


One-way restrictions along Park Street, Browns Yard, Chantry Lane and Moat Lane in Towcester will be lifted temporarily when needed to allow access for residents and businesses.


For more information contact Mike Healy, Public Liaison Officer (PLO) who can be reached via 07964 114623 or

Future Of Northamptonshire

Future Of Northamptonshire
You will all of heard about the proposed ‘Unitary Authority’ changes in Northamptonshire as a result of the County Council falling short on their fiscal responsibilities. South Northants District Council is proposed to be merged with Daventry and Northampton Borough Councils to form a new single tier authority and the existing County Council will be abolished.
This is (in my opinion) bad news for us as the City will drain resources from Daventry DC and SNC and our Community Charge is bound to increase.
Please read the document below and let them know your views via the consultation.

HS2 Bypass Plans Now Available Online

The Plans as shown at the Village AGM are now available on the HS2 CommonPlace website for our area.

Look on right under ‘Drawings shown at Chipping Warden AGM’

This also has maps for Aston-le-Walls crossroads and Wardington road widening.

These maps have kindly been published ahead of official release and as such may be subject to minor change.