Agenda July 2021 – B

Agendas Uploaded on September 8, 2021




It sounds as if the Road Safety Audit is a very positive way forward. But we probably have only this one opportunity to influence the whole relief road to be 30MPH.  Therefore, is the Road Safety Audit open to input from the public and from the PC?  It would only be a complete audit if they also consider experiences from people on the ground. Could we ask for this input to be accepted, and for the Road Safety Audit report to be delayed for a week or so to enable enough time for the various inputs? I’m sure that Jenny, Nicola, Greg Buck and many others will welcome the opportunity to give their views.



The other speeding issue is through the village.  The road through the village generally has less traffic, but this allows speeding to be easier. There is certainly much higher traffic speed on this road now that it is emptier Apart from anything else, we should be very concerned about the safety of children, particularly since so many walk this route to and from school.  Most schools have 20MPH limits at arrival and leaving times.  We need to discuss traffic calming measures at the next PC meeting.



I have been told by dozens of residents that there should be “Village Only” signs at the two entrances from the A361 into the village. Also, it has become very clear that through traffic from Banbury generally continues on the relief road, but from Daventry a significantly larger proportion goes straight on at the first roundabout, hence through the village.  What do we have to do to get these signs?




As an aside to ensure everyone is aware, my brother has just come to collect my kids (first time he has been since the new road opened) he nearly got wiped out by a vehicle speeding excessively as he turned right into Hogg e d, that turning due to the bend is dangerous, as for anyone trying to cross the road from the bus stop.


Interestingly yesterday morning at school drop off the van that cut through the village presumably to beat the lorries that overtook outside the school at high speed gives me real concern that the road safety of the village is greater now.


Could you please forward any contact details of anyone from the road safety audit team so we can feedback to them directly?



The Chipping Warden Relief Road was opened on the 19 June. The opening included a consented Temporary Traffic Regulation Order, (TTRO), placing the entire Relief Road at 30mph. This TTRO replaced parts of the Relief Road that had been originally consented with a 50mph limit. A further independent Road Safety Audit is planned to take place to assess the operation of the TTRO 30 mph highway operation. The auditors report will be shared with the local authority, HS2 Ltd and the local police. Any recommendations of this audit will be reviewed, agreed with the Local Authority and actions arising implemented as required. The audit is scheduled to take place later next week. We will update you further on the outcome of this audit following the receipt of the report and the subsequent review.


They are awaiting the auditors report then WNC highways will have input.

I strongly expressed our concerns especially about Hs2 vehicles speeding – which they can do something about.  Dame Andrea did a bit of whoopee-ing.


Richard has also said our list of ‘issues’ weeds etc are being addressed.  The ramp by the kerb was finally removed this week.

Police weren’t in attendance but I spoke to our local Hs2/Police person to confirm they are independently monitoring speed and traffic count on the two routes.



There will also be an Allens Orchard open meeting at VH as soon as practicable to try and get consensus on Safari Park fencing and other hedging issues.



I literally just followed a van from Byfield that went straight through the village flat out – at least 50mph past the school…he turned left into the village after a lorry had turned right onto the bypass.  He slammed on his brakes when he saw the camera.  We need to make it totally obvious that there is a school right there as you enter the village with signs, road markings etc etc