Agenda March 2021

Agendas Uploaded on March 6, 2021

AGENDA for 95th MEETING of the PARISH COUNCIL to be held on TUESDAY

9th March 2021 at 7.30

“Please Note: All Parish Council Meetings may be recorded”

Zoom Meeting Number 987 761 9623
Password: CWMar21


95.1 Apologies
95.2 Open Forum
95.3 Declaration of Interest
95.4 Minutes of the 94th Parish Council Meeting
95.5 Village Environment
  a) Brookfield Farm                                                                                                  ongoing
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction                                                                 ongoing
  c) Allens Orchard road condition
  d) Mill Lane verges
  e) Large fireworks to be mentioned in Annual Report
  g) Ramac hedge by Churchlands
95.6 Hs2/Relief Road
  a) Path at the top of the allotments – funding & quote
  b) Electricity pole by Village Hall
  c) Aston crossroads – over large road signs
  d) Hand over meeting with Hs2
  e) Rift Airsoft no reply to date from SNC
95.7 Play Area
  a) Shrubs along hedge
  b) Entrance/exit to park review
95.8 Finance a) Authorisation required: –
    SSE – December £150.79 + vat £7.17 = £150.79
    SSE –January     £119.73 + vat £5.97 = £125.70
    E-On photocell £23.47 + vat £4.69 = £28.16
  b) Current a/c £1467.56   Deposit £10516.44
95.9 Defibrillator
95.10 Planning
  S/2020/2106/FUL Demolition of existing building and replacement with one dwelling house. Byfield Road-delegated  Old Morgue                                                             Consults dispatched
  S/2020/2295/LBC at Trafford Bridge arch work                                                              Approved
  S/2021/0175/LBC & FUL – 29 Hogg End –                                                    Consults dispatched
  S/2021/0359/FUL – 6 Allens Orchard –                                                          Consults dispatched
  S/2021/0405/LDP – Pilgrims Cottage 16 Banbury Road – Extension of outbuilding –

Consults dispatched

  S/2021/0347/NMA – Land to west of Chipping Warden – Hs2 phase 2 of `T` junction
95.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed
  NcALC Updates; Healthy & Wellbeing; Village View Point; Joint Project; Police; Census reminder; CPRE;
95.12 Police Liaison Rep (NHW) vote needed to elect rep.                                                       Motion
95.13 Training for Councillors
  None requested
95.14 Annual Meeting
95.15 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information
Date of Next Meetings:-  13th April 2021 not known at this time if In-Person meetings can re-start after 7 May 2021

PC –11th May 2021