Bank Reconciliation – 2022-23

Financial Reports Uploaded on June 6, 2024
Bank reconciliation – pro forma
This reconciliation should include all bank and building society accounts, including short term investment accounts. It must agree to Box 8 in the column headed “Year ending 31 March 20xx” in Section 2 of the AGAR – and will also agree to Box 7 where the accounts are prepared on a receipts and payments basis. Please complete the highlighted boxes, remembering that unpresented cheques should be entered as negative figures.
Name of smaller authority: Chipping Warden & Edgcote Parish Council
County area (local councils and parish meetings only):
Financial year ending 31 March 2023
Prepared by (Name and Role): Lorraine Stanley RFO
Date: 30/05/2023
 £  £
Balance per bank statements as at 31/3/23
Treasurer Account    3,703.14
Business Account  10,539.26
[add more accounts if necessary]
Petty cash float (if applicable)               –
Less: any unpresented cheques as at 31/3/23 (enter these as negative numbers)  –
[add more lines if necessary]
Add: any un-banked cash as at 31/3/23
              –  –
Net balances as at 31/3/23 (Box 8)  14,242.40