Minutes – January 2022

Minutes Uploaded on March 7, 2022

Minutes of 101st Meeting of the CHIPPING WARDEN & EDGCOTE PARISH COUNCIL held on TUESDAY 11th January 2022



Present;       C Brooke                P Brown               D Cross             N Douglas

S Furby                  N Galletly             H Gairdner         N Meades

Clerk:            L Stanley  
101.1 Apologies – D Cross  
101.2 Open Forum – No public present  
101.3 Declaration of Interest – None declared  
101.4 Minutes of 100th Parish Council Meetings – Agreed and signed  
101.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – there has been no further contact with land owner On-going
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction – May trees available soon – discussion of type of tree (possibly fruit) On-going
  c) Reports from Village Walk – Most of the items have been dealt with through FmS or HS2.

1.Noticeboard posts, all to be checked and quote to be included with village gate (see d) below

2. Overhang from Ivy Cottage along path & over noticeboard & leaves are making path slippery. Residents to be approached

3.Phone box condition was reported  and BT will undertake work To be followed up along with street lamp failure

4.Shrubs opposite village hall restricting signage, this has now been dealt with










  d) Village gate, south side – In hand. Quotes to be extended to include noticeboard posts (see c.1 above)  


101.6 Relief Road/Hs2  
  a) Path along top of allotments is still under discussion with WNC NG
  b) Follow-up letter to Mr Stephenson (Hs2 Minister) – no reply to date ND
  c) Problem concerning access to water mains in the close was reported to Simon Davis – no lorries in the close lately.  


  d) Simon Davis has also agreed to regular monthly consultation – none to date

The issues raised concerning footpaths will be addressed at these meetings



  e) The archaeological finds from Blackgrounds farm will be discussed on BBC 2 tonight  
101.7 Play Area  
  a) Dragon have visit Activity Park and greased the roundabout but although improved it needs further examination in the spring.

The spinning dish is broken and requires a new bearing




101.8 Finance  
  a) Authorisation: –  
    SSE Nov = £138.81 + vat £6.62 =                                                        £145.73  
    Microsoft annual licence £66.66 + vat £3.33 =                                     £79.99  
  b) Current a/c £1546.18   Deposit £12517.17  
  c) WNC has been notified of Precept request of £14k for 2022/3  
  d) The 2022/3 budget, having been circulated was agree with the following inclusions: –

Village gate and noticeboard repairs     £700

Village centre enhancements                £500

Jubilee contingency                             £1500

The revised and agreed budget is appended.

101.9 Planning  
  WNS/2021/0766/MAF Nigel Taylor’s equestrian centre – consults dispatched  
  WNS/2021/1514/HS2 Edgcote to Aston – consults issued  
  WNS/2021/1901-Earthworks for artificial badger setts – Approved  
  WNS/2021/2178/H-Earthworks @ Trafford Bridge- delgated  
101.10 Correspondence  
  NcALC Updates; Police; Waste collection over Christmas break; NCALC mapping project  
101.11 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  
  A small meeting to place Monday and several ideas were put forward.

a) Main day to be Saturday 4th June with pig roast

b) Culworth Road to be closed Saturday and Sunday

c) Parish Council to pay for pig roast on Saturday

d) Music to be arranged possibly from a curtained trailer in case of bad weather

e) Generator would be needed

f) Ice cream van on site

g) Village Hall to be booked across 2 days

h) A contingency to be  included in the budget of £1500

The meeting agreed all of the above and an update will be sent to all on the committee and second meeting to arranged asap.












101.12 Training for Councillors  
  None requested  
101.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or Information  
  Gigaclear to be contacted to remove items left after work finished  
  Banner along balancing pond to be removed  
  Alterations to fencing round balancing pond are in hand, but Fusion/WNS/HS2 are still unclear of responsibility for this.  
  Path along Manor wall is very uneven and there has been a trip accident recently.  Fix my Street to be informed  
  The PC’s meeting plan is be continued during 2022/23  
101.14 Date of Next Meeting – 8th March 2022 in village hall  

Meeting Closed 20.30