Minutes – July 2023

Minutes Uploaded on June 4, 2024

Minutes of 111th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 11th July 2023 in the Village Hall


Present A Barclay, C Brooke, P Brown, J Coyne, D Cross, N Galletly,  
Clerk L Stanley  
Apologies N Douglas, H Gairdiner, N Meades  
111.1 Open Forum – 4 residents present  
  Mr & Mrs Bellamy, Mr Bryan & Mr Waddington, Allens Orchard residents, primarily wished to discuss the balancing pond issues.

1. Long term PC would like to see the fencing round the pond removed; not unanimous with residents.  They would like to see a wider consultation with other residents.

2. Some children have climbed the fence and there is an unsecured drain that could be fenced over.

3. Contractor is unable to mow at the moment, could strimming be carried on outside the fence

4. Resurfacing has not been scheduled but should be with next 26 weeks.

The residents requested that current updates be maintained and possibly sent to other interested parties

111.2 Declaration of Interests  – None declared  
111.3 Minutes of Annual Parish Meeting – Agreed & signed  
111.4 Minutes of 110th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
111.5 Village Environment  
  1.Defibrillator Pads – for future reference:

Purchase from Wel Medical Ltd, item 63124 Electrode Pads, Std Disposable, iPAD SP1 & SP2 AED (1x pair) Electrode Pads, Standard dual Adult/Child disposable, for use with iPAD SP1 & SP2 AED (1x pair)

  2.Non LED Street Lamps – as these are being replaced when due, it was not felt to be necessary to make change over immediately  


  3.New Gates – very pleased with new installation 7 RD have been given plan for mowing

Highways have been asked for new 30 mph signs

  An updated Village Risk Assessment is attached  
  Alan James has kindly cleaned Battlefield Trail board by Edgcote gates  
  Estate agents signs will be considered case by case but should be on house ground  
  Speed along bypass is very bad, especially the cars being tested from Airfield.  
111.6 HS2  
  Traffic lights across A361 are still sequenced badly.

There is a gantry in place from which tunnel can be treated to seal the concrete before being buried

WNC will be repairing the roundabouts soon

During the recent hot weather there was a lot of dust in many parts of the village

The un-tarmaced track over the bridge needs watering to avoid dust rising

111.7 Activity Park  
  Inspections are carried out on a regular basis, reports are logged with the clerk and any problems are referred to Dragon immediately.

Some evidence of wear & tear will be monitored

RD to be asked to spray weeds on paths in the play area





111.8 Training  
  None requested  
111.9 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE –  April                                                                  £134.96 + vat £6.74   =               £141.70

SSE – May                                                                  £138.88 + vat £6.93   =              £145.81

E-On – new rate                                                               £204.00 + vat £40.88  =              £244.80

RD Landscapes – May                                                     £240.00 + vat £48.00  =              £288.00

RD Landscapes – June                                                   £480.00 + vat £96.00 =              £576.00

Tesco – WiFi mouse                                                      £8.33  + vat £1.67    =               £10.00

AJS – design & fit                                                        £600.00 + vat £120.00 =           £720.00

  b) Annual Governance and Accountability Return: submitted to External Auditor  
  c) Current a/c £3186.23   Deposit £18,562.97  
  d) PAYE End of Year Return for HMRC dealt with  
  e) VAT refund received  
  f) Assets considered by the Council and Insurance to be re-assessed for replacement value LS/NG
111.10 Planning  
    WNS/2023/5578/TCA – 9 Culworth Road – tree work fio  
111.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    NcALC Updates; Police; WNC Briefing; NCALC Training; Neighbourhood News; Police Beat Bus; ERTA Newsletter; Home to School Transport; Annual Canvass; Street Trading Policy; WNC Annual Report; WNC potholes  
111.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
    Grundon lorry @ Griffin during unsocial hours,; have been contacted but that is schedule.  
    Where logs were left for residents it has been left very untidy with a lot of sawdust etc and a road sign has been left in the hedge.  This could be cleared up by JCB.  
    Gigaclear have been notified that their box in Appletree Road has the back plate missing and weeds are now growing into the main unit.  
111.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting – 12th September 2023  

Meeting closed 8.45