Minutes – March 2022

Minutes Uploaded on March 13, 2022

Minutes of 102nd Meeting of the CHIPPING WARDEN & EDGCOTE PARISH COUNCIL held on TUESDAY 8th March 2022


Present; –     P Brown      D Cross     J Coyne     N Galletly      H Gairdner  
Clerk:            L Stanley  
102.1 Apologies – C Brooke     N Douglas     S Furby      N Meades  
102.2 Open Forum – No public present  
102.3 Declaration of Interest – None declared  
102.4 Minutes of 101st Parish Council Meetings – Agreed and signed  
102.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – there has been no further contact with land owner On-going
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction – May trees available soon – discussion of type of tree (possibly silver birch or fruit) On-going
  c) 1. Notice board posts, all to be checked and quote to be included with village gate quote

2. Overhang from Ivy Cottage along path & over noticeboard. Residents asked to clear

3. Phone box condition was reported  and BT will undertake work

  d) Village gate, south side – In hand. Quotes to be extended to include noticeboard posts  


102.6 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Path along top of allotments is still under discussion with WNC NG
  b) Follow-up letter to Mr Stephenson (Hs2 Minister) – no reply to date ND
  c) Culworth Road to be closed Mar 31 for 4 weeks to make access to trace  
  d) WNC has new HS2 plans online  
  e) Regular meetings with PC to be set up – nothing to date  
  f) HS2 to be asked to check mobile phone signal connections as residents are reporting difficulties; drain on power possibly due to large number of persons working at compound  
  g) Water supply to be increased from Trafford Bridge to batching plant through fields and not along road verges.  
102.7 Bus Route      
    Stagecoach are proposing to discontinue service 200 Daventry to Banbury

They will asked to clarify this decision without consideration being taken to reduced usage due to the pandemic and possible reduction in service rather than complete closure.

A brief discussion took place concern possible use of Ability





102.8 Play Area  
    Dragon to be asked why the faults have not been repaired PB
102.9 Finance  
a) Authorisation:-

Street Lamp repairs                                            £718 + vat when invoice received

Agreed via email 5 in favour 4 no replies

E-on                                                                        £136.67 + vat £27.33 = £164.00

E-On repair                                                                     £23.47 + vat 4.69 = £28.16

L Stanley 2nd ½ yr                                                                                    = £1299.46

Village Hall to include tonight                                                               £101 approx






All approved

b) Current a/c £1153.76   Deposit £12517.39  
  Chairman’s initials…………………………………………………………..Dare…………………………….  
102.10 Planning  
  WNS/2021/1514/HS2 Edgcote to Aston –                                      consults dispatched  
  WNS/2021/0766/MAF – Nigel Taylors application  –                                  APPROVED  
  WNS/2021/2178/H – earthworks at Trafford Bridge –                                APPROVED  
  WNS/2022/0033/F – Trafford Bridge Farm – Equine training area – consults dispatched  
  WNS/2022/0024/F – Old Morgue – demolition & new dwelling –                   Refused

8 properties planned for this area only have outlying consent

  WNS/2022/2018/CA-Old Rectory- Work on trees                                    No objection  
  WNS/2022/0130 – Lodge Farm Wardington – grain store to shed – consults dispatched  
102.11 Correspondence  
  NcALC Updates; Police; SNC Healthy Communities;  
  Asset Mapping Project – it was agreed that the PC does not wish to be part of this project  


102.12 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  
  Closure of Culworth Road has been approved – closure signs to be provided

Pig roast has been ordered

Music/DJ/Volunteers organised Marston will pay for music

R Thomson to be advised of road closure

Still waiting for programme from Church

102.13 Training for Councillors  
  None requested  
102.14 Matters for Next Agenda and/or Information  
  Edgcote gardens to be open on 1st May  
  Straw bales in gateway opposite allotments are attracting rats; I Bannister to be informed & asked to remove bales  


  Car transporter came up Appletree Road & made deep ruts in grass verges when trying to reverse.  Fix my Street to be advised  


102.15 Date of Next Meetings: –

Annual Village Meeting – 12th April 2022

Parish Council Annual Meeting 10th May 2022


Meeting Closed 20.30






Chairman’s Signature…………………………………………………..Date………………………………..