Minutes – May 2023 and Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes Uploaded on June 4, 2024

Minutes of Two Meetings of the


Held on Tuesday 9th May 2023 in the Village Hall


  Present P Brown           J Coyne               D Cross

N Douglas          N Meades

  Clerk L Stanley  
15.1 Apologies C Brooke            A Barclay       H Gairdner  
15.2 Election of Officers  
  Chairman NG expressed his willingness to re-stand.  There being no other nominees he was unanimously re-elected  



  Vice Chairman DC expressed his willingness to re-stand.  There being no other nominees he was unanimously re-elected  


  RFO LS was willing to re-stand; there being no other nominees she was re-elected Elected
15.3 Governance & Accountability  
    a)                RESOLUTION, that the 2019 Code for Governance & Accountability for Smaller Authority be adopted.  


15.4 Finance  
  a) RESOLUTION, that the 2019 Financial Regulations and the Parish Councils Audit Policy be adopted together with the Financial Risk Assessment 2021  


  b) RESOLVED: “that in accordance with its’ powers under Section 157 of the Local Government Act of 11072, the Council should from time to time incur Expenditure which in the opinion of the Council was in the interest of the area or its inhabitants.”  



  c) RESOLVED: “that the Village Sign and the two wooden Bus Shelters should remain covered by the insurance but that the stone Bus Shelter and the street light will not be covered by the Parish’s insurance.”  
15.5 Standing Orders  
    RESOLUTION, that the 2018 Standing Order be adopted Policy
15.6 Transparency  
    RESOLUTION, that the 2014 Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities be adopted Policy
15.7 Data Protection  
    RESOLUTION, that NCALC continues to be retained as DPO.




15.8 Code of Conduct  
    All Councillors agreed that the GDPR CODES for 2021 be adopted  



WN Councillor, Allison Eastwood was welcomed to the meeting
110.1 Open Forum – No residents present  
110.2 Declaration of Interests  – none declared  
110.3 Minutes of 15th Annual Parish Meeting – Agreed and signed  
110.4 Minutes of 108th & 109th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
  Mrs Eastwood supplied a comprehensive report on the work during 2022/3; this is appended to these minutes

She further expanded on some ongoing issues: –

Boundary Commission restructure has resulted in 77 wards of which in Silverstone she is responsible for nineteen villages.

Planning Department has lost ten officers and new recruits are unfamiliar with the area; it could be September when the department is up full numbers again.

Mr Winterbottom has retired and Nathan Lowed will be dealing with foliage and green issues in this area (schedule 17 – Hs2 conditions).  If there are any issues with foliage on highways it should be reported on Fix My Street for onward referral to Johnathon Nunne.

Allens Orchard resurfacing timing has been requested from Helen Howard.

A discussion took place concerning plans for the balancing pond area.  Mrs Eastwood suggested that the best way forward is for the Parish Council to decide what is in the best interest of all residents and then to present it formally.  The meeting was unanimous in electing to have the whole fence removed.

Mrs Eastwood was thanked for her attendance.

110.5 Village Environment  
    The outstanding issues will be reviewed after Village Walk.

NG has a new grass mowing plan & will be talking to RD Landscapes as soon as possible.

New gates (both ends of the village) are being funded by HS2 and should be in place this summer.

110.6 HS2/Relief Road  
    Those who went on the recent trace road trip found it was very useful and informative.

New hard standing by the large A361 roundabout for the tunnel segments to avoid 2 roundabouts; they can then be dropped into place straight away.

Plans for the living accommodation are on hold but will be on the opposite side of the tunnel if it progresses.

110.7 Activity Park  
    Inspections are carried out on a regular basis, reports are logged with the clerk and any problems are referred to Dragon immediately  
110.8 Training  
    None requested  
110.9 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE –  March                             £150.75 + vat £7.53 =               £158.28

E-On quarter to March              £136.67 + vat £27.33 =              £164.00

RD Landscapes Ltd                  £240.00 + vat £48.00 =              £288.00

Oak tree plaque on Allens Orchard £388.80 + vat £77.76 =       £466.56

Coronation mugs & bouncy castle                                              £661.63

  b) Annual Governance and Accountability Return: – Part 3.

1. Pages 1, 5 & 6 were read, agreed and signed

2  AGAR  can now be submitted to Internal Auditor




  c) Current a/c £3703.14   Deposit £10539.26  
  d) PAYE End of Year Return for HMRC to be dealt with LS
  e) VAT refund to be claimed £1996  
110.10 Planning  
    WNS/2022/0478 – Land off Culworth Road – Approval in spite of PC objections  
110.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    NcALC Updates; Police; WNC services for children; NCALC Training; Big Help Out; Suspicious vehicle; Neighbourhood plan; WNC single planning system; ERTA Newsletter  
110.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) None  
110.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Village Walk – PLEASE send list of any concerns to Clerk

Areas: – please let clerk know of any changes

Allens Orchard                            – NG

Appletree Road/Close                 – DC

Arbury Banks                              – AB

Banbury Road                            – NM

Byfield Road /Long Barrow        –  PB

Culworth Road                           – CB

Edgcote                                      – HG

Hogg End                                   – JC

Mill Lane                                     – ND


Next meeting – 13th July 2023


Meeting closed 8.30