Minutes November 2021

Minutes Uploaded on December 9, 2021

Minutes of 100th Meeting of the CHIPPING WARDEN & EDGCOTE PARISH COUNCIL held on TUESDAY 9th November 2021

Present;       C Brooke                P Brown               D Cross

N Douglas              N Galletly             H Gairdner

Clerk:            L Stanley  
100.1 Apologies – J Coyne    S Furby      N Meades  
100.2 Open Forum – No public present  
100.3 Declaration of Interest – None declared  
100.4 Minutes of 99th Parish Council Meetings – Agreed and signed  
100.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – there has been no further contact with land owner On-going
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction – There is a severe shortage of available trees in nurseries On-going
  c) Reports from Village Walk – Most of the items have been dealt with through FmS or HS2.

1.Noticeboard posts, all to be checked and quote for rotten one to be obtained

2.Overhang from Ivy Cottage along path & over noticeboard to be reviewed

3.Phone box condition was reported some time ago, nothing done, and now lights are flashing

4.Shrubs opposite village hall restricting signage, CB volunteered to cut them back









  d) Village gate, south side – In hand. Quotes to be obtained SF
  e) The damage caused when lorry went through the wooden barrier at the bottom of Poor’s Piece near The Mill has never been repaired.  The matter will be taken up with Oxfordshire Highways.  



100.6 Relief Road/Hs2  
  a) Path along top of allotments is still under discussion with WNC NG
  b) Follow-up letter to Mr Stephenson (Hs2 Minister) will be sent shortly ND
  c) Problem concerning access to water mains in the close will be reported to Simon Davis. NG
  d) Plans & drawings showing proposed layouts and landscaping for railway portals and associated works were shown and information on some proposed changes to final stage of bypass/A361 were disclosed.

These were discussed at length

  e) New proposal for a construction ‘Overbridge’ on A361 north of the school were described.  It is speculated that the change may be due to anticipated problems in forming access under the new bypass might be caused by drainage issues NG
  f) No footpath from CW to Aston-le-Walls now-issue is still ongoing with the HS2 liaison meeting.  Footpath discussions with EFKB still outstanding after 6 months. NG
  g) Monthly meetings may be introduced now that compound is set up.  This would deal with problems quicker and will be suggested along some of the outstanding issues from Chipping Warden: –

1. Footpaths – Calves Close and the ones by Trafford Bridge.

2. Phasing of EFKB work and timetables for next few months.  A general report of the overall progress might be useful.

3. A361 Bailey Bridge proposal – needs to be discussed in depth.

4. Fencing around works – both at the school and screening the playing fields

5. Sound monitoring from Allens Orchard – never seen the results.

6. Drainage relating to the airfield north of the village.

7. Leylandii on airfield – additional tree has been felled just past the Appletree Road turnoff on and left lying there.

8. Appletree Road cut off by bollards – been a tree taken out and remains left on the verge here.  There is also a Buckingham road sign left on the verge.

9. No through Road sign at Culworth Road.  This is now uncovered.  Can it be painted out or removed until Culworth Road is closed off.

10. Traffic cone half way up Byfield Road on the left before the school sitting on the footpath and also two traffic signs face down north of the school.

11. Plans for Trafford Bridge-rumours circulating of a walkway through marsh.

12. Implications for ‘Compulsory Purchase’ of land areas.

13. Additional works that may affect local landowners causing more rerouting of farm vehicles and consequent destruction of rural habitat.



100.7 Play Area  
  a) Dragon have said that inspection of equipment, especially roundabout, will not be carried out until possibly Jan 2022

Guarantee period is for 5 years



  b) Thank you to HG for exit “barrier” to entrance which is working well.

Brambles have been cut back.

  c) Weeds coming through paths may need weedkiller PB
  d) Rex Thompson is to be approached again concerning various items leaning on the Activity Park fence SF
100.8 Finance  
  a) Authorisation: –  
SSE August = £138.81 + vat £6.62 =                                                        £145.73
SSE Sept     = £138.81 + vat £6.62 =                                                        £145.73

E-On maintenance quarter £164 + Arbury Banks repair £28.16

Total = 160.14 + vat £32.02 = £192.16

    RD – Sept + Aug = £400 + vat £80 =                                                         £480.00  
    WNC Election = £1163.93 + vat £211.77 =                                             £1375.70  
    PK Littlejohn Audit =                                                                             £380 no vat  
  b) The 2022/3 budget was briefly discussed to enable decision on precept.  It was decided to continue with a precept of £14000.00 for 2022/3 and to discuss the budget in full at the next meeting.  



  c) Current a/c £2009.75   Deposit £14517.09  
100.9 Planning  
  WNS/2021/1514/HS2 Edgcote to Aston – associated works  
  WNS/2021/0766/MAF Objection made to planning application by Nigel Taylor for equestrian centre due to increase levels of transport NG
  Plans for outline planning on site of 8 houses on sports field have had a Condition refused as Bat inspection was incomplete.  Implication to be reviewed.  
  Rose & Crown have submitted request to fell trees (2 leylandii) in pub yard.  
100.10 Correspondence  
  NcALC Updates; Police; WNC survey re waste; WNC strategic plan; Arts & Crafts; Permission sought for roadside banner; Consultation on draft Police, Fire Crime plan & invitation to next meeting; ERTA newsletter; Community Funding Grants; Health Communities; OLB Guidance  
100.11 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  
  5 organisations have submitted volunteers – a meeting will be arranged asap.

Parish Council to purchase mugs for under 16 years children. Investigation of supplier required. Street party possibly along Byfield Road

100.12 Training for Councillors  
  None requested  
100.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or Information  
  Mrs Cherry’s hedge/raised bed plants are overhanging path  This is made worse by grass overgrowth on path  
100.14 Date of Next Meeting – 11th January 2022 in village hall  

Meeting Closed 21.00