Minutes – November 2022

Minutes Uploaded on November 14, 2022

Minutes of 106th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 8th November 2022 in the Village Hall


  Present A Barclay                    P   Brown                 J Coyne

D Cross                      N Douglas                N Galletly

  Clerk L Stanley  
106.1 Apologies C Brooke            H Gairdner       N Meades  
106.2 Open Forum  
  No residents  
106.3 Declaration of Interests  
    None declared  
106.4 Minutes of 105th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
106.5 Welcome to Alistair Barclay, new Parish Councillor  
    LS advised that Electoral Services had confirmed that there had been no applications and that Parish Council was free to co-opt a new councillor. Documentation had then been sent to A Barclay, duly completed and returned.

NG, chairman, welcomed him to the meeting.

106.6 Village Environment  
  a) HG may be able source posts for notice board HG
  b) HG may be able to source fruit trees for Appletree Road HG
  c) ND has been in touch with AJS Carpentry concerning gates to village entrance.  HS2 will be contacted to ascertain level of funding as the north gates were removed when relief road was commenced.  



  d) Repair to bridges on the main drive of Edgcote Estate, Mill Lane, and Mill House bridges; no further information but scheduled for summer 2023.  


106.7 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Appletree Road path past electric station – leave on agenda for Road Safety Fund Budget  2023 End 2023
  b) Liaison meeting; – crossing A361 between Hogg End & northbound bus stop is unsafe. This will probably be WNC; could there also be red hatch markings to denote start of 30 mph limit.

Nothing has been heard of the community speed camera.

No further information for this meeting.






  d) Accommodation blocks in compound – HS2 will have 2 x 160 modular units in place by March 2023, with toilet blocks and canteen.  
  e) Discussion are taking place concerning a track between this accommodation and the village.  This not felt to be need as there are sufficient pathways.  Concern was also expressed about the number of workers in this village with no shop and only two pubs.  




  f) Taylors Equestrian at Aston are proposing to build a bund between it and HS2; as dirt will be brought in this will mean a possible extra 150 hgvs each way per day on top of HS2’s 500.  
  g) New pontoon bridge over A361 – not aesthetical as it could have been with better planning i.e. colour of wood, external metal work – but nothing will change now.

PC to consider possible future use of benefit to the village.




  h) Other concerns to raised: –

Lighting on site is excessive

Signs & litter within village

Thistles and ragwort infestation

Allens Orchard fencing to be discussed with WNC.






  i) Simon remains our Community Liaison Officer, it is recommended that HS2 Helpline be included on any enquiry/problem to enable better tracking of information.

Gary Pettit to be invited to PC meeting





106.8 Activity Park  
  a) Dragon now has dedicated maintenance engineer, and he has dealt with outstanding items and where necessary wooden parts have been replaced.  


  b) Weeds have died back and this will be reviewed in the spring  
106.9 Finance  
  a) a) Authorisation required: –

SSE September                                                £146.77 + vat £7.32          = £154.09



  b) Current a/c £7312.87                      Deposit £9519.03  
  c) Sports Club – may not require assistance with sports field rent as under the new lease it is only a peppercorn amount.  JC to provide copy for PC of new lease,  


  d) Street Light Maintenance quote requested but no reply  
  e) Budget to be circulated asap LS
106.10 Planning  
    WNS/2022/1392/ TCA – Manor House                                                 No objections  
    WNS/2022/1693/TCA – Court House                                                                           Pending  
    WNS/2022/1921/FUL–Land north of Culworth RD (old morgue)              Pending

Objections from PC to be re-iterated



    WNS/2022/2063/LDP – The Green 7 Culworth Road

Proposed development comprising of the siting of a mobile home in garden to provide ancillary accommodation                                                           Delegated

Further information to be requested from Planning





106.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
  a) CA/WN newsletter; Change to council boundaries; WN Communication Team; NCALC UpDate; Traffic on Culworth Road due to road closures; Bus Petition; Rural England prosperity Fund; Consultation letter re HS2; Open Spaces; Kier work schedule; WNC proposed highway extinguishment; WNC stakeholder letter; Millennium Footpath;  CC & CFO meeting: Edgcote road closure;  
  b) CIL – CW&E PC may be entitled to money from this levy & will have 5 years to spend it.  Project to be decided and report submitted with invoices  


106.12 Training for Councillors  
    None requested  
106.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) Millennium Sign has been cleaned and PB said that paintwork will need renovation in the spring.  Sign Maker will be contacted  


  b) Fix My Street – report trees to Highways as in need of attention: -Tree by The Steps and opposite Christmas cottage (Hogg End House)  


106.14 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting – 10th January 2023 – 7.30pm at Village Hall  

Meeting closed 21.30