Minutes – October 2022

Minutes Uploaded on October 18, 2022

Minutes of 105th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 11th October 2022 in the Village Hall


  Present C Brooke            P Brown           N Douglas

N Galletly           H Gairdner       N Meades

  Clerk L Stanley  
105.1 Apologies J Coyne              D Cross  
105.2 Open Forum  
  No residents  
105.3 Declaration of Interests  
    None declared  
105.4 Minutes of 104th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
  S Furby has resigned from PC; he was thanked for his input to PC.

Mr Alistair Barclay has expressed an interest in joining the council as a co-opted member; this was discussed, and his offer was unanimously accepted.

105.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – ND has tried to contact Mr Lincoln several times without any response                                                                                                   on going  
  b) Junction Appletree Rd/Close – smallest package Woodland Trees only offer is for 10 trees & no fruit trees.  HG said Edgcote Estate may have some cherry trees.  


  c) Two quotes were discussed for village gates and noticeboard posts.  HG may be able to source posts for noticeboard post.  Work on gates will also be researched.

RD to be asked for quote to keep new gates weed free




  d) Repair to bridges on the main drive of Edgcote Estate, Mill Lane, and Mill House bridges; clearance work has been carried out and nothing else.  NG to follow up  


105.6 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Appletree Road path past electric station – leave on agenda for Road Safety Fund Budget  2023 End 2023
  b) Mr Stephenson is no longer in post all pending items will be raised at Liaison Meetings  


  d) Liaison meeting; – crossing A361 between Hogg End & northbound bus stop is unsafe. This will probably be WNC; could there also be red hatch markings to denote start of 30 mph limit.

Nothing has been heard of the community speed camera.

  e) Accommodation blocks in compound – HS2 are hoping to have 2 x 60 modular units in place by March 2023  
  f) Mobile visitor centre may be the village on 25th October.  
  g) Large pieces of wood and debris on the hard standing by the Manor gate to be

to be removed shortly by HS2

105.7 Bus Route – in place until January – leave off agenda  
105.8 Activity Park  
  a) Dragon now has dedicated maintenance engineer, and he has dealt with outstanding items.

There has been evidence of some vandalism in the park – this will be monitored



  b) Weeds are growing on top of paths within park, RD to be asked about weedkilling




105.9 Finance  
  a) NetWise – disc space – £20 + vat £4                                                           = £24.00

L Stanley – ½ year                                                                                     = £1423.18

RD Landscapes 2 x July + Aug mow                     £660 + vat £132           = £792.00

SSE July                                                           £142.86 + vat £7.12          = £149.98

SSE Aug                                                           £142.86 + vat £7.12          = £149.98

E-On Maintenance                                           £136.67 + vat £27.33         = £164.00

R D Landscape 2 x mows                                  £440 + vat £88              = £528.00

E-On                                                               £136.67 + vat £27.33         = £164.00

Sports Club – not paying rent – have asked for confirmation










  b) Current a/c £1,835.89   Deposit £9,519.03  
  c) Village have offered a flat £90 per year for the hire of the halls.  This was discussed and the meeting expressed its thanks,

Motion was unanimously accepted




105.10 Planning  
    WNS/2022/1243/LBC – 14,16,18 Culworth Road windows                    – Approval  
    WNS/2022/1334/HS2 – Work to Relief Road                                         – Approval  
    WNS/2022/1392/ TCA – Manor House trees                                  – No objections  
    WNS/2022/1693/TCA – Court House trees                                    – No objections  
105.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    Police/Fire/Crime newsletters; NcALC UpDate; CPRE newsletter; Youth Day; Explore WN; CC Facebook; Leadership Campaign; PF&C newsletter; Boundary Review; Mature drivers.

Planning Review; Open Spaces; Town & Country consultation; ERTA; SNAST consultation

105.12 Training for Councillors  
    None requested  
105.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) Village environment – many issues, but Allens Orchard problem needs to be sorted first  


  b) Rose & Crown is believed to be under offer.  
105.14 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting – 8th November 2022 – 7.30pm at Village Hall  

Meeting closed 21.30