Minutes September 2021

Minutes Uploaded on October 6, 2021

Minutes of 99th Meeting of the CHIPPING WARDEN & EDGCOTE PARISH COUNCIL held on TUESDAY 14th September 2021


Present;       C Brooke                P Brown                 J Coyne            D Cross

N Douglas             S Furby                  N Galletly          N Meades

WNC Councillor Alison Eastwood also in attendance

Clerk:            L Stanley  
98.1 Apologies – H Gairdner  
Welcome to Alison Eastwood, West Northants Councillor

Parish Councillors introduced themselves to Councillor Eastwood, who gave a brief outline of her area and remit.

She has seen that this parish has had good interaction with HS2.  She advised the meeting that if there are any planned changes to the Act regarding HS2, there must be full presentations.

Also, Hs2 Marshals are to be Investigated, to hold Hs2 to account over any issues, They will hopefully be employed by WNC but paid for by HS2 to monitor all issues arising

98.2 Open Forum – No public present  
98.3 Declaration of Interest – If discussion takes place concerning work at Nigel Taylors, Aston-le-Walls, SF will exclude himself due to family connections.

No one else declared

98.4 Minutes of 98th Parish Council Meetings  
    Agreed and signed    
98.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – there has been no further contact with land owner On-going
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction – Hs2 have some trees That they may be able to make available and they will be asked if they have 2 silver birch or rowan trees  


  c) Reports from Village Walk – Most of the items have been dealt with through FmS or HS2.

1.      Estate agent signs – very abrupt member of staff stated that signs are removed “once contracts signed”

2.      Appletree Road junction – Police said that as there are no painted lines parking is permissible.  However, if it continues to be an obstruction Highways could be approached to paint no parking lines

3.      Rose & Crown bus stop, metal seat strap broken & urine within shelter again

4.      Rose & Crown, one banner still in place

5.      Notice board has rotten post in the middle








  d) Village gate, south side – In hand.. Quotes to be obtained SF
98.6 Relief Road/Hs2  
  a) Path along top of allotments is still under discussion NG
  b) Allens Orchard residents are unhappy about the height of the balancing pond fence and this continues under discussion with HS2 & WNC.  It has been agreed that the fence to the south end will be removed from the houses side but retained at the main road edge.  The opened grass space along with rest of green and walkway by Banbury road will then revert to Parish Council in June 2022.  
  c) A letter is to be sent to HS2 Miinister (Mr Stephenson) concerning eleven ongoing issues ND
  d) Culworth Road survey – NG suggested that his survey be accompanied by separate Pro v Con lists to avoid the PC showing favouritism for either outcome.

The problems with this road closure were explained in more detail to Mrs Eastwood

  e) A traffic survey was carried out some time ago with HS2, Highways & Police but the report has not been forwarded NG
  f) No footpath from CW to Aston-le-Walls now – Parish Council has been fighting this for a long time now and there is have been no meetings covering this issue.  This will be discussed at the HS2 liaison meeting on Friday. NG
  g) There is no definitive date for the completion of the 2nd phase of the bypass; Chris James will be approached for information NG
98.7 Play Area  
  a) Roundabout will be investigated during inspection by the end of September.

Guarantee period is for 5 years

  b) Entrance to park now has barrier which appears to be working well.

Brambles are encroaching the fence to the left hand side and investigation to be done regarding cost of a small length of fencing following vegetation removal

  c) Weeds coming through paths may need weedkiller PB
  d) Rex Thompson will be further approached concerning various items leaning on the Activity Park fence SF
98.8 Finance  
  a) Authorisation: –  
    SSE July = £174.59 + vat £8.71 =                                        £183.30  
    RD – 2 x July = £400 + vat £80 =                                         £480.00

RD – 1 x Aug = £200 + vat £40 =                                         £240.00

    E-On replumb column Allens Orchard £60 + £12 =                £72.00  
    Netwise disc space                                                                  £24.00  
    Sports Club rent previously agreed, invoice now received    £250.00  
    L Stanley – ½  year  =                                                          £1298.46  
    PK Littlejohn Audit =                                                               £380 no vat  
  b) Current a/c £1665.67   Deposit £10516.92  
98.9 Planning  
  WSN/2021/0883  & 0887– Edgcote House – Repairs to tiles & lead                                                                                                  Approved  
  Objection made to planning application by Nigel Taylor for equestrian centre due to increase levels of transport NG
  Explained problems with RiftSoft in the Spinney regarding extra hard standing application and continued use above allowed number of days and lack of pursuit by SNC  
  Councillor Eastwood was thanked for her attendance and she left the meeting  
98.10 Correspondence  
  NcALC Updates; CPRE;

Police  OPFCC & PSCO letter – PC Carter has made contact with Neighbourhood Contact, T Smith.  She will thanked for contacting Parish Council and as Mr Smith passes information there is no urgent need to arrange a meeting.

98.11 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  
  Contact will be made with all village organisations to arrange a group with one person from each to assist with the planning of this event

Parish Councillor representative – SF volunteered

98.12 Training for Councillors  
  CB has applied for on-line training – awaiting details to be confirmed  
98.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or Information  
   New landlord at Hare & Hounds at Wardington – now has a chef  
98.14 Date of Next Meeting – 9th November 2021 in village hall  

Meeting Closed 21.30