Neighbourhood Watch Liaison Meeting Notes Feb 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Uploaded on February 17, 2021

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South Northants Quarterly Meeting

Notes 17 February 2021

The first quarterly meeting of the South Northants Neighbourhood Watch Group was held on 16th February 2021 by Zoom. In advance of the formal minutes the following notes are forwarded to you.

  1. Twenty coordinators were present plus the Northants County Coordinator.
  2. Police. Sadly, the Police Community Liaison Officer could not be present.
  3. There will be 60 extra Police Officers appointed to the county as Beat Officers we should see therefore an increase in patrolling officers in our area.
  4. As a scheme South Northants is expressing a vote of thanks to Northampton Police for their support during the pandemic.
  5. Two police activities relating to engaging the communities are having some success in difficult policing areas in Northampton and Kettering.
  6. Crime Reporting. The following areas of interest are worthy of comment:
    1. Evenings and in the dark appear to be favourite but there also has been reports of break-ins where a regular pattern of absence has been identified.  Regular exercise, for example when the house is empty during the day.
    2. Dog Thefts. This is mainly from breeders, but dogs have been targeted while out for walks. In some cases attempts have been made by individuals pretending to be RSPCA Officers.
    3. Covert recces of houses and areas have been carried out and there appears to be a rise in the number of cases where chalk marks etc have been used to identify houses for future targeting.
    4. Lots of examples particularly in this time of lockdown. BE VIGILANT!
  7. Treasurer’s Report. There is a relatively healthy bank balance of around £3500,00. Subscriptions will be asked for in June July these are expected to be £25.00 per scheme.
    1. The software and style of the Alerts being sent out will be changing to allow for a single system to be used across the Country by both MW schemes and Police.
    2. Local people are to be encouraged to join their local scheme to ease administration and the ensure compliance with GDPR.
  8. Police Liaison Representatives. A number of Parish Councils have nominated an individual but most appear to be waiting for their next general meeting to confirm the appointment.


T Smith

NW Coordinator

Chipping Warden