Neighbourhood Watch News Jan 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Notes

January 2021

Firstly, Happy New Year from the Neighbourhood Watch Team.  We hope that you remain safe and secure during this forthcoming year.

To confirm our policy, we assume that you take notes of events as they are reported in the press and other media but it is our intention to emphasise those that may have a direct impact on our community.


Injections. You may have noticed recently that a vulnerable person in North London was scammed out of £160 by someone pretending to be from the NHS and who administered a fake COVID jab.

Please be aware that only the NHS administer the delivery of the vaccine and it is quite a formal process involving, at the moment attendance at a vaccination centre that is properly advertised.

If you have any doubts about the legitimacy of any approach made about vaccinations please contact the police, your GP or this NW team.

Couriers. Since the beginning of December there have been a number of incidents where fake couriers have attempted to get personal details so they can deliver a package.  Firstly, if you are not expecting a package it cannot have been mis delivered.  Secondly do not give personal details to anyone who you do not believe to be absolutely genuine.

If you are missing an item please only deal with the seller.

…and finally,

The NW team in the village needs to have as many members as possible in the village.  Please get in touch with me if you wish to join All I can offer you is relevant (and of course, some not so relevant!) information being delivered by email directly to you.  All I ask from you is a willingness to help those, perhaps less able than you in the community to stay safe and secure.

On that note of course during this pandemic and the current lockdown there may be some less fortunate people in the community who need something collecting or could just do with some contact.  Please let me know, in confidence of course, if anyone comes to your notice.


Stay Safe!

Tom Smith


01295 660608