Neighbourhood Watch Notes – 15th May 2020

As well as being posted on the Community pages these notes are also being distributed by email and hardcopy form to those who do not have internet access and who have let me know. Please encourage anyone you know who does not have internet to register with me so that I can arrange appropriate delivery of future notes.

Although our current lifestyle is dominated by COVID-19 and our need to continue social distancing in our slightly improved conditions continues, we still have to maintain a grip on normal lifetime habits. Therefore, the themes for these notes relate to everyday threats but which have been exacerbated by the current dilemma. These are Scams and Domestic Abuse.

Northamptonshire County Council Trading Standards would like to make as many people as possible aware there has been a significant increase in vulnerable people in financial difficulty because of COVID-19 and there is a corresponding increase in sharks who are trying to capitalise on this. Any attempt by Text, email, telephone or even physical presence can be reported to:

Before divulging any information to anyone, your watch words are to be:


The second theme today is domestic abuse. Sadly, on a national level, this has seen a significant increase in recent times due possibly to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

I have attached a link to a Northamptonshire County Council leaflet dealing with the subject.  Please read it and keep it handy.

Please get in touch with me if anything concerning our safety, security and well being worries you; either as an individual or as a community.

Stay Safe


Tom Smith

01295 660608

0779 209 8167