Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Chipping Warden (S129)

The good news is that the village has been accepted into the national Neighbourhood Watch scheme. This means that, on a fairly regular basis, we will receive, from a number of official sources, information which will help us maintain our community in a safe and secure manner.

Shortly on entering the village you will see “Neighbourhood Watch” signs informing those coming into the village or just passing through that we are collectively managing our safety and security.

To this end if you notice anything concerning the safety and security of our environment please let me know and we will see what we can do about it. I have a small team who will make themselves known to you as needs be.

For the next few days, starting tomorrow I will be publishing on the community pages certain information that has been passed to me.

It is important that this information gets to as many people in the village as possible so please pass it on. We are trying to note all those who cannot receive electronic messages, internet, email or text.

There is a code of practice and legislation that protects any information passed into the Neighbourhood Watch organisation.

Tom Smith

01295 660 608

077 9209 8167