Relief Road Completion – Provisional Subject to Consents – 24/10/2020

Following discussion with Fusion JV project manager please note the below update on the Relief Road.  The below schedule reflects meetings held with Western Power Distribution (WPD) this week.


The below programme is subject to the required consents and approvals.  Fusion will be producing a community notice that will reflect the below approach and will engage further with the consent approval bodies next week prior to the issue of the official notice to the community at the start of November.

My understanding is that from 16th November onwards no Industrial Estate traffic will be using the residential part of Appletree Road.  So some relief there.

Allens Orchard residents will have to wait to see the removal of the lights on 14th December


Document from Fusion follows


Chipping Warden Relief Road programme of remaining works


We are pleased to report that the final agreements between HS2 Ltd and Western Power Distribution, WPD, have now been finalised.  This is to enable the diversion of the power supply utility and the subsequent completion works in relation to the Chipping Warden Relief Road.

A meeting with WPD has taken place and the earliest availability to undertake the diversion works has been agreed.  The completion works are to be delivered over four phases of works.  Please note that the below dates are all subject to consents and approvals from a number of organisations, Northamptonshire County Council, Highways England and Warwickshire County Council – for the diversion route.  We are working with these approving organisations to meet the below programme.


Phase 1 – WPD diversion, week commencing Monday 16th November for up to two weeks – Subject to consents and approvals


The WPD utility diversion will require an increase in highway working area to undertake the diversion works safely.  This will require the introduction of temporary four way traffic lights controlling vehicle flow along the A361 and traffic joining from Appletree Trading Estate and from the residential section of Appletree Road at the A361 junction.  (Currently temporary traffic lights operate on the A361 under two way conditions).  The Appletree Trading Estate under phase 1 will be diverted down the Southern section of the new relief road to the A361 at the southern tie in.  This will assist in reducing the amount of traffic using Appletree Road and avoids Trading Estate traffic passing the residential properties.

Subject to consents and approvals this work is to take place from Monday 16 November and is expected to take up to two weeks to complete.


Phase 2 – Road construction in the area of the completed WPD diversion, week commencing Monday 23 November for two weeksTBC – Again subject to consents and approvals


The four way traffic lights used in phase one will be retained to provide the working room to construct the section of Relief Road previously occupied by the WPD pole and complete drainage works on Appletree Road.  The requirement for these temporary traffic lights is expected to be of two weeks duration.


Phase 3 – A361 through road weekend closure #1 ; Weekend of the 5 / 6 December – TBC – Again subject to consents and approvals


A weekend road closure on the A361 is required to construct the permanent traffic splitter island that will assist motorists to either enter the village or for through traffic to  be directed to take the Relief Road and the Appletree Road Trading Estate exit.  The construction of this island is not possible until the WPD pole is removed under phase 1 and the road partially constructed under phase 2.  The four-way traffic lights will be reintroduced after this phase 3 closure to enable further works after the weekend closure and the subsequent weekend closure under phase 4.  The Trading Estate will continue to access via a section of the Relief Road.


Phase 4 – A361 through road weekend closure #2  – Weekend of the 12 / 13 December – TBC – Again subject to consents and approvals


A further weekend closure is then required for final highway preparation, surfacing and white lining to connect the existing A361 to the new relief road and the retained road through the village.  At the end of the phase 4 weekend closure the existing A361 through the village will be reopened without traffic lights, including the Appletree Road junction.  The relief road at this stage will continue to provide access to the Appletree Road Estate only, with the remaining section being closed to all traffic.  Traffic entering and leaving the Appletree Trading estate will continue to use the southern section of the Relief Road to join the current A361 through the village.  Upon the completion of Phase 4 this delivers an initial improvement, removing traffic lights from the A361.  We have the opportunity to achieve this phase of works before the December Christmas holiday period but this is subject to consents and approvals for the earlier phases of works being granted.


Phase 5 – Highway Relief Road completion works including planting  – The timing of this phase is subject to earlier phase traffic management, road closures and diversion route consents and approvals


Subject to the completion of the above earlier phases in 2020 the works will conclude by early February 2021 with the final  planting and landscaping.  Works in January 2021 also include all safety related checks and compliance reviews of the completed works to enable the Relief Road to be fully opened.  During January the Trading Estate traffic will continue to be diverted to use part of the southern section of the Relief Road to gain access the A361.  This transfer of estate traffic flow allows the final completion works to be undertaken on the residential section of Appletree Road – removing the highway connection onto the Relief Road.


Subject to the consents and approvals detailed above the Relief Road will be fully opened in early February 2021.