Relief Road Works – New road alignment on Appletree Road

It has just been confirmed that the current entrance to Appletree Road at the junction with Banbury Road will be closed from next week commencing 22nd June.

Traffic for Appletree Road, The Close and Industrial Estate will be routed up the new Relief Road to turn right onto the existing road by the allotments.

This will mean there will be no HGV traffic for the estate on Appletree Road during this period.

To achieve this there will have to be 3-way traffic lights replacing the existing 2 way ones on Banbury Road and Allens Orchard and the additional arm on the new relief road.  This will mean slightly longer delays.

The new traffic management will be in place for the whole of July and then revert to the existing configuration.

I believe there is also separate NCC Highways work being carried out at the junction of Appletree Road and The Close during this period for kerbs, drains and pavement installation which will likely cause further disruption.