Safety and Security in Chipping Warden

These are indeed turbulent times and times when we should all be pulling together, as indeed we are. Sadly, there is an element in our society who will always work to take advantage of the vulnerable whether that be caused by age, illness or the current “stay at home” measures.

There are a few simple rules which may help to provide you with support:

  1. Don’t answer the door to anyone unless you know the person who is on the other side. Talk through the door if necessary and look at any ID that may be provided by someone you are expecting.
  2. Don’t give any bank details or cash to anyone you don’t know,
  3. Don’t give personal or bank details to anyone over the phone unless it is you who initiated the call for a specific reason that you expected to pay for.

All legitimate callers will accept these measures and a quick phone call can sometimes clear up any doubt.

We are in the process of establishing a network across the village to provide safety and security advice.  Once that is done you will be able to recognise, more easily, the legitimacy of these messages. Until this is achieved however if need any help please call me.

Tom Smith 07792098167.