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Chipping Warden and Edgcote Parish Council - Home Page

This site has been built to allow publication of documents relating to Chipping Warden and Edgcote Parish Council.

All information on this site is for public access and can be reproduced or printed as required.

Whilst we will endeavour to maintian the site as up to date as possible there may be occasions when recent documents are not yet posted.

If something is missing that you require access to please contact our Clerk and we can either post the document or provide a photocopy.

Please note: There may be a small charge for any copies to cover materials.

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Election May 7th 2015 There were insufficient candidates to require an election for the Parish Council
Election Result All were elected unopposed

HS2 News

The Hybrid Bill has now passed Third Reading in the Commons and is now in the Select Committee stage of the Lords.

It is anticipated that the Lords will finish hearings by the end of 2016 and the Bill will be presented for Royal Assent by, at latest, March 2017.

The Parish Council have submitted a Petition to the Select Committee of the Lords which will be heard in Ocotber 2016.

The Parish Council also submitted Petitions to the Commons Select Committee on the main Bill, AP1 and AP2 which were heard previously.

All can be seen below.

Latest HS2 Documents are still available for inspection at 3 Allens Orchard.

Please contact Nigel on 01295 660365.

For more background Hs2 Updates please use the Hs2 Button Above.

The Parish Council still expect construction to start in late 2017 early 2018.

* * LATEST * * Hs2 Community Engagement Programme - Latest Leaflet Jan 2017

HS2 Documents

Video of Parish Council at House Of Lords Select Committee - PC Starts 11:07am (opens in new window)
Transcript Parish Council Petition to House of Lords October 2016
Parish Council Petition to House of Lords April 2016
HS2 Maps for the Bypass
Hansard Transcript of Parish Council at Select Committee for AP2 - PC Starts Page 39
Video of Parish Council at Select Committee for Ap2 - PC Starts 11:06am (opens in new window)
Parish Council Petition to Parliament against the Additional Provision (AP2 - Bypass)
Hs2 Petition Response Document to AP2 Petition

Village Documents

Village Conservation Area Report - SNC

Have Your Say

South Northamptonshire Council - Latest Food Waste Collection Information - Click for Details

Parish Council News

Next Meeting of the Chipping Warden and Edgcote Parish Council - Village Hall - 19:30 - on 10th January 2017 - Small Hall

2016 Annual Parish Council Report

Agenda for Next meeting when published
Freedom of Information Act - Documents : Minutes of meetings etc.

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