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Chipping Warden – Neighbourhood Watch

Whilst we do not currently have an official Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place Tom Smith is trying to get one started.  If you are happy to join in please contact him.  There are 5 coordinators covering, Byfield Road, Appletree Rd and The Close, Allens Orchard, Hog End and Mill Lane and Arbury Banks.  But more […]

Roundabout North of the Village is Perfectly OK

As usual the Village rumour-mill is in overdrive. The Parish Council have been asked if there is “Any truth in the rumour that bypass roundabout above school is going to to grubbed up because it’s not big enough.” I can categorically state (Confirmed by Fusion JV) that – The roundabout is as designed and is […]

Safety and Security in Chipping Warden

These are indeed turbulent times and times when we should all be pulling together, as indeed we are. Sadly, there is an element in our society who will always work to take advantage of the vulnerable whether that be caused by age, illness or the current “stay at home” measures. There are a few simple […]

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