Smarts Charity – Relief In Need for the Villagers of Chipping Warden

In previous years the Trustees have made a one-off payment at Christmas towards increased winter fuel bills of £50.00 to any village household who applies and who has a current resident over 70 years old.

We intend to repeat the grant in 2019 and any qualifying household who didn’t partake last Christmas and would like to be included this year should write to the Trustees with details of Name, Address and Date of Birth of recipient.

Additionally we are offering a limited grant towards bus pass costs for over 16’s in Chipping Warden who travel to Chenderit or other schools.  Anyone wishing to receive the grant should apply writing by 31st December 2019 and we will distribute the funding allocated amongst applicants.

Please apply to The Smarts Charity Trustees c/o Nigel Galletly: 3 Allens Orchard – or by email to

Wardington Works to Commence Late October 2019

Road construction works A361 through Wardington
October 2019 |
High Speed Two (HS2) is the new high speed railway for Britain.
You will shortly see works starting late October on the A361 though Wardington and we will be keeping you updated and informed as these works progress.
What we will be doing in your area?
We will be widening the existing road at three bends on the A361 within Wardington, installing a puffin crossing and carrying out other associated road improvement works.
These works will include the below:
• Grass and shrub trimming
• Road widening
• Installation of road crossing
• New road markings
• New village gateways (village sign, road markings and gate entrance feature) at the north and south of the village
• Installation of speed alert signs

Hs2 and Western Power Distribution – Works to underground cables Oct 2019

All should have received latest ‘News’ update from Hs2.

There are further delays to the work and Relief Road excavations are now due to restart in mid September when plant will be on-site.

Before then a new crop of ‘little orange men’ will no doubt appear to make sure all fencing is in order and utility locations rechecked.

At Allens Orchard new works will begin 7th October by Western Power Distribution to underground the existing overhead powerlines that are currently strung on poles across the Allotments. The new cables will now be dug and installed along Allens Orchard and up to the Appletree Road junction and then along Appletree Road to the corner. This will require 2ft by 4ft trenching along the nearside of most of the length of Allens Orchard (where the Fence was meant to be??) – hand dug around tree roots opposite No.6 – and will take 2-4 weeks. Then it runs up the footpath to the Appletree Road Junction and across the A361. Some disruption is expected – particularly when trenching across A361 at Appletree Road junction which will require 3 way traffic lights for a while.

Hs2 Abnormal Wide Loads blocking A361

Abnormal Wide Loads may hold us up mid May through June.

Hs2 will be delivering Large construction vehicles to the ‘Heave’ site so watch out for slow moving obstacles coming from Banbury.


Route shown Below.

  1. From junction 11 of the M40 north along the A361 through Wardington and Chipping Warden.
  2. Turn left onto the Welsh Road passing Aston Le Walls and along the Banbury Road through Lower Boddington.
  3. Turn right onto Stoneton Lane followed by an immediate left into our site entrance.