Chipping Warden – Neighbourhood Watch

Whilst we do not currently have an official Neighbourhood Watch scheme in place Tom Smith is trying to get one started.  If you are happy to join in please contact him.  There are 5 coordinators covering, Byfield Road, Appletree Rd and The Close, Allens Orchard, Hog End and Mill Lane and Arbury Banks.  But more would be appreciated.

Tom’s contact details are:   Tel: 01295 660608 or 07792098167  Email:

Meanwhile here is his latest Security Newsletter.


In our last note on security we cautioned about opening the door to anyone who you do not know.  In this we would like to remind you about scams.

On-Line Scams.  There appears to be a number of on-line information channels relating to CORVID 19 being set up.

In the village we are endeavouring to maintain a protected scheme of who may be considered vulnerable or at risk and how best to provide local information related to CORVID 19.

There should be no need to register for information.  You should think carefully before providing any personal information.  If you feel you are not being kept informed, one way or another or need any help please let us know.

Cold Calling.  While, for some, these are really sad, difficult times, there is an element of society who will seek to take advantage of this.  It would appear there are a number of cold callers wanting to sell life insurance/assurance policies or even pre-paid funeral schemes.  These are not for cold callers; you should be initiating these enquiries with reputable and/or recommended suppliers.

There are a number of people in the village who will not get this electronically.  Please pass it on where appropriate.


Roundabout North of the Village is Perfectly OK

As usual the Village rumour-mill is in overdrive. The Parish Council have been asked if there is “Any truth in the rumour that bypass roundabout above school is going to to grubbed up because it’s not big enough.”

I can categorically state (Confirmed by Fusion JV) that – The roundabout is as designed and is plenty big enough and fit for purpose. The road closure north of the village for this weekend Friday 8pm till Monday 6am is still planned to go ahead. Local diversion is up Culworth Road and back to the cross roads. I believe Oxfordshire CC are also closing the road on 7th-8th April at Williamscot Hill – but I don’t know why.

Meanwhile I hope everyone is keeping well. Look out for your neighbors – especially the old and vulnerable – and keep safe from infection where possible.

Safety and Security in Chipping Warden

These are indeed turbulent times and times when we should all be pulling together, as indeed we are. Sadly, there is an element in our society who will always work to take advantage of the vulnerable whether that be caused by age, illness or the current “stay at home” measures.

There are a few simple rules which may help to provide you with support:

  1. Don’t answer the door to anyone unless you know the person who is on the other side. Talk through the door if necessary and look at any ID that may be provided by someone you are expecting.
  2. Don’t give any bank details or cash to anyone you don’t know,
  3. Don’t give personal or bank details to anyone over the phone unless it is you who initiated the call for a specific reason that you expected to pay for.

All legitimate callers will accept these measures and a quick phone call can sometimes clear up any doubt.

We are in the process of establishing a network across the village to provide safety and security advice.  Once that is done you will be able to recognise, more easily, the legitimacy of these messages. Until this is achieved however if need any help please call me.

Tom Smith 07792098167.

Restriction of Movement and Allotments

The current restrictions on movement indicate everyone must stay at home with the exception of:

  • Taking basic exercise, once a day,
  • Traveling to and from work, for key workers,
  • Shopping for essential items,
  • Fulfilling any medical or care needs.

The rules also prohibit gatherings of more than 2 people not of the same family group.

In spite of these measures, Michael Gove said on television this morning that it was reasonable and acceptable for individuals to work on their allotments as long as the accepted standards of social distancing are maintained.

Naturally hand washing on return is required!

CoVID-19 Parish Response

Dear Parishioners

As there are many within the Parish who may soon be self-isolating it is neccessary that we provide a means for those people to get deliveries of medicines and foodstuffs (or other assistance as needed).  As a Community we have always stood together and I am sure that most will rise to the challenge.

The Church have come forward to co-ordinate any volunteer response and if you can offer help or are in need of help please contact Mike Beckett (01295 660661) or Liz Thame (01295 660254).

Keep Well and Good Luck.

Weekend A361 Closure 8pm 6th March – 6am 9th March

The A361 will be closed north of the village between the school and the Aston cross roads.  Diversion for local traffic will be down the temporarily re-opened east side of the cross roads, down Welsh Road and back into village via Culworth Road.

Please take extra care using Culworth Road during this weekend.  The east side of the cross roads will be closed again once the A361 is re-opened on Monday to finish the works there – Hopefully by the end of March.

The Bus service will run as normal on Saturday but may be slightly delayed due to the diversion.

Next planned closure is the North End again on weekend of 3rd April.

Spring Village Litter Pick

Spring Village Litter Pick has been moved to Saturday 4th April 9.30am due to awful weather when we hope it will be a little dryer.  Those who can help out please meet Clare Brooke at hardstanding outside Manor House drive on Culworth Road.

March 2020 Drop-In’s for HS2/Fusion Works

Carley and a member of the Fusion team will be available to answer your questions and address any issues about the Wardington Safety Improvement Works , Chipping Warden and Aston Le Walls roadworks.
When:  4th March 5pm – 7pm  –  Where: The Hare and Hounds, Wardington, OX17 1RS
When: 11th March 5pm – 7pm  –  Where: The Griffin, Chipping Warden, OX17 1LB
When: 18th March 5pm – 7pm  –  Where: The Hare and Hounds, Wardington, OX17 1RS
When: 25th March 5pm – 7pm  –  Where: The Griffin, Chipping Warden, OX17 1LB