Neighbourhood Watch Notes – 26th May 2020

Since our last notes two incidents of suspicious behaviour in the village have been reported to Nothamptonshire Police.  I am pleased to report both were responded to positively within a matter of hours.  In both cases an incident number has been given and the details retained for intelligence purposes.

Please remember one of the purposes of the scheme is to ensure that we live in a safe and secure community.  We should CHECK – CHALLENGE anything which we believe cannot be explained satisfactorily or that we think is suspicious.

The scheme is currently being run as a community wide project within which I hope everyone is kept informed and joins in.  The time for enlarging this involvement and increasing direct personal participation is yet to come.

Recent police reports have stressed the need, even in these challenging times, to remember the national anti-terrorist campaign.  Emphasis today is drawn to the PREVENT section of this campaign and to help with our understanding a series of animations covering five common misconceptions, around faith, spying, criminalisation, ideology and policing of views, have been produced.  These can be viewed at:

The emphasis today continues to be on COVID 19 and our attitude to STAY ALERT.  We appear, at least in England, to be slowly moving towards a lessening of restrictions in our everyday life but we should not get ahead of ourselves and pre-empting the published guidance.

We appear to have been extremely lucky in the village lets keep it that way.


Tom Smith

0779 209 8167

01295 660 608

Neighbourhood Watch Notes – 15th May 2020

As well as being posted on the Community pages these notes are also being distributed by email and hardcopy form to those who do not have internet access and who have let me know. Please encourage anyone you know who does not have internet to register with me so that I can arrange appropriate delivery of future notes.

Although our current lifestyle is dominated by COVID-19 and our need to continue social distancing in our slightly improved conditions continues, we still have to maintain a grip on normal lifetime habits. Therefore, the themes for these notes relate to everyday threats but which have been exacerbated by the current dilemma. These are Scams and Domestic Abuse.

Northamptonshire County Council Trading Standards would like to make as many people as possible aware there has been a significant increase in vulnerable people in financial difficulty because of COVID-19 and there is a corresponding increase in sharks who are trying to capitalise on this. Any attempt by Text, email, telephone or even physical presence can be reported to:

Before divulging any information to anyone, your watch words are to be:


The second theme today is domestic abuse. Sadly, on a national level, this has seen a significant increase in recent times due possibly to the impact of COVID-19 restrictions.

I have attached a link to a Northamptonshire County Council leaflet dealing with the subject.  Please read it and keep it handy.

Please get in touch with me if anything concerning our safety, security and well being worries you; either as an individual or as a community.

Stay Safe


Tom Smith

01295 660608

0779 209 8167

Relief Road Construction News – 24th April 2020

Fusion JV are continuing with the Relief Road construction and are now coming to the final connection works to join the new road to the old A361 carriageway.  Unfortunately this will mean a period of prolonged weekend closures over the next couple of months whilst this is carried out.

24th – 27th April will see the first Southern Tie-in works after which the road will be re-opened with traffic on the new road and hopefully the closure of Appletree Road to through traffic.  This may be delayed if things don’t go well till the next weekend but whenever it finally happens it will be long overdue relief for the residents.

The next closure is scheduled for 15th -18th May to apply the surface coat to the new roadway and finally the Southern end will be completed on 22nd-25th May.  Work can then start on the Allens Orchard balancing pond.

The Northern end tie-in will be happen later and the A361 is planned to be closed 29th May-1st June north of the village

Traffic will still be using the A361 through the village till the new road if fully reopened in August.

Once again rumours are circulating that “the northern roundabouts have been found to be too small and will have to be ripped up and done again”  I have no idea how these get started.

The Fusion Project Manager’s exasperated answer is “The roundabout is not being changed.”

Additionally, Oxfordshire County Council Highways are planning to close the A361 between Williamscot and Wardington on Sat 2nd May for resurfacing.

Nigel Galletly – Parish Council Chairman – 01295 660365

Neighbourhood Watch Scheme

Chipping Warden (S129)

The good news is that the village has been accepted into the national Neighbourhood Watch scheme. This means that, on a fairly regular basis, we will receive, from a number of official sources, information which will help us maintain our community in a safe and secure manner.

Shortly on entering the village you will see “Neighbourhood Watch” signs informing those coming into the village or just passing through that we are collectively managing our safety and security.

To this end if you notice anything concerning the safety and security of our environment please let me know and we will see what we can do about it. I have a small team who will make themselves known to you as needs be.

For the next few days, starting tomorrow I will be publishing on the community pages certain information that has been passed to me.

It is important that this information gets to as many people in the village as possible so please pass it on. We are trying to note all those who cannot receive electronic messages, internet, email or text.

There is a code of practice and legislation that protects any information passed into the Neighbourhood Watch organisation.

Tom Smith

01295 660 608

077 9209 8167

Weekend A361 Closure Friday 25th April 8pm till Mon 28th April 6am

The A361 will be closed to ALL traffic between Hogg End and Appletree Road junction for the above period to commence the tie-in works for the new Relief Road.

There will be 24 hour working and considerable OVERNIGHT noise associated with this.

What to expect

The full weekend closure of the A361 with traffic management on the road.

Increased journey times following the signposted diversion route.

Local movement of our equipment and staff while the works are taking place.

Some noise from our equipment and lighting around our worksite.

Please see attached document below.

Anglia Water Priority Services

Anglian Water Priority Register
Anglian Water (AW) has asked Northants CALC to ask parish and town councils to advertise the fact that some residents, including those people who are self-isolating due to Coronavirus can register for free, additional practical support from AW’s Priority Services.  Some of the ways being on the Priority Services Register could help include help with reading the water meter, a knock and wait service where AW will wait longer for the door to be answered when visiting, and a scheme to protect people from bogus callers and scams.  Registration is quick and easy! To find out more about Priority Services and to sign up call Anglian Water on: 0800 919 155 or visit   Alongside Anglian Water, other Water and Energy providers offer a Priority Service. If you think you may need extra help during an interruption to supply or a power cut due to being medically dependent on electricity, elderly or disabled or if you have specific communication needs, contact your provider to find out how they can assist you.

Government give Go Ahead to Hs2

Government have today given the final go-ahead for Hs2.

The Department for Transport has today given approval for HS2 Ltd to issue Notice to Proceed to our four Main Works Civils Contractors (MWCC) working on Phase One of the project.

Annual Village Report

We will not be posting out the Annual Report this year as it is not recommended policy to put stuff through everyone’s door at present to avoid possible infection.  Whilst we appreciate that not all who may want to read it are happy with the internet I am afraid it’s the best we can do.  We have posted a full print version on the Village Noticeboard.  Nigel Galletly 01295 660365

2020 Annual Notice & Agenda