Chipping Warden Neighbourhood Watch – January 2022 Theme

Community NewsNeighbourhood Watch Uploaded on January 30, 2022

Chipping Warden Neighbourhood Watch

January 2022 Theme

In recent days there have been a number of what are now being called, “Distraction Scams”.  We have mentioned these before.  I hasten to add that this has been occurring in other parts of the county but not, to our knowledge, in our village.

In this scam a person, male or female, young or older, pretends to be someone official and will employs some tactic or another to gain access to your house, your home. This will be either through a back door while you are occupied at the front, or, through the front door having either convinced you to let them in or lured you away from the door to let an accomplice in behind you.

We have discussed in the past not opening doors to strangers even if they do appear to be official without checking their identity with their parent organisation.

Once inside, of course, theft will follow and an escape made.

Some pointers:

  1. Always lock external doors even when at home,
  2. Use a chain on the opening door, or, of course, don’t open it at all,
  3. Don’t believe a uniform or ID until you have checked it all out. DO NOT use a telephone number that the visitor gives you. If necessary call a friend to help, or, if you feel harassed or threatened call the police using 999.