Minutes July 2022

Minutes Uploaded on July 25, 2022

Minutes of 104th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 19th July 2022 in the Village Hall


  Present C Brooke            P Brown           J Coyne               D Cross         N Galletly  
  Clerk L Stanley  
104.1 Apologies N Douglas     S Furby     H Gairdner     N Meades  
104.2 Open Forum  
  J Guest & N Bellamy – attending to discuss Allens Orchard balancing pond; fencing & landscaping Bypass speeding, overtaking & noise

NG suggested that a meeting be held to finalise the issues and then to arrange meeting with Highways and HS2.  The meeting approved this motion






104.3 Declaration of Interests  
    None declared  
104.4 Minutes of 103rd Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
104.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm                                                                                           on going  
  b) Junction Appletree Rd/Close – Woodland Trees to be asked about fruit tree LS
  c) Noticeboard – becoming unstable, Green Barnes can supply posts but not fit.  SF to be asked if his contact can do this work  


  d) Village gates – ND will investigate the repair/renewal and organise work ND
  e) Most reports are in and will collated & circulated LS
  f) Signage – Village Hall/Culworth/Boundary Edge new signs need HG to be asked for details as Edgcote has recent had some new ones & also house builders at sports field  



104.6 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Appletree Road path past electric station – might be in Road Safety Fund Budget  2023  
  b) Mr Stephenson no longer in post – on hold until position is clearer  
  d) Liaison meeting continuing.

End of Sunday road closures as tunnel sections can now be fitted to normal lorries and will come to compound on Wednesdays

HS2 to be asked to clear up all signage

104.7 Activity Park  
  a) Some items to be followed up and insurers to be asked for clarification about disclaimer signs  


  b) Weeds are growing on top of paths within park, RD to be asked about weedkilling and safety to children  


104.8 Finance  
  a) Well Medication Defibrillator pads   £79.90 + vat £1598 = £95.88

RD Landscapes  April mow                  £220 + vat £44 = £264.00

RD Landscapes 2 x May                      £440 + vat £88 = £528.00

Ian Brodie Catering               £1416.67 + vat £283.33 = £1700.00

SNAST subscription                                                 £25.00 no vat

Netwise annual fee                           £300.00 + vat £60 = £360.00

SSE May                                        £134.89 + vat £6.73 = £141.62

SSE June                                       £138.81 + vat £6.92 = £145.73

E-On 1st quarter                           £136.67 = vat £27.33 = £164.00

NcALC                                              £622.04 + vat £59 = £681.04

Hiscox (Came)                                   3 year agreement  £1099.74

Parish Online                                                                       £64.80

All councillors to be given access when set up is complete














  b) Current a/c £2452   Deposit £13517  
104.9 Planning  
    WNS/2022/0478 – Land off Culworth Road – removal of condition 6 – Approved  
    WNS/2022/0183 – New Barn (conversion), Edgcote –                          Approved  
104.10 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    Virtual meeting with Crime Commissioner; OFGEM scams warning; Police/Fire/Crime newsletters; West Northants Planning Consultation; Homes for Ukrainians

ERTA & time tables; Highways information; Queens Green Canopy; VCSE Assembly

Cost of living support; Community Hub; Town & Parish Briefing; Planning referendum

Refugee Week; Local Plan; Employment Supplement; WN Satisfaction Survey

WN funding grant; Various NcALC & ACRE notifications

104.11 Queens’ Platinum Jubilee  
    Enjoyed by many and pork baps appreciated.  The Griffin will be sent a letter of thanks as they were very proactive and helpful  


104.12 Training for Councillors  
    None requested  
104.13 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) There is still large pieces of wood on the hard standing by the Manor gate NG
  b) Some graffiti is now on various sites round the village.  This will be monitored ALL
104.14 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting – 13th September 2022  

Meeting closed 8.30