Neighbourhood Watch Notes March 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Uploaded on March 25, 2021

Chipping Warden Neighbourhood Watch

NOTES – March 2021

This report is mainly a catch up on what has been happening elsewhere in the South Northampton area. We appear to have been lucky in the village in that not a lot, that has been reportable, has been happening in our area.  We have reported a couple of occasions that have come to notice where individuals, usually in cars have come from outside of the village to meet.  In these days of travel restrictions we can only question why come to the village?  Please remember that Vehicle Registration Numbers are useful when making these reports!

We have also reported that we believe that HS2 protestors may be planning some activity in the area as the projects gains a bit more momentum.

Moving to events that have happened, thefts and burglaries have occurred elsewhere in the area.  There was an attempted burglary in Bugbrooke, Theft of farm equipment in Helmdon, vehicle theft from outside a house and a further attempted theft of a caravan in Roade. Some criminal damage was caused in Towcester.  Some of these attempts and some others were thwarted by reasonable, common sense security by the owners; doors were locked, the caravan was secured and gates bolted.  However with people coming to the village from outside, the increase in HS2 work and the possibility of protestors from outside the village, we continue to need to be vigilant.

Scams etc

My favourite subject is, of course, scams and a recent national report indicates that hacks on social media numbered 15,000 in the last year. The vast majority of these were reported by individuals and only 12% by businesses.  There is more about how to protect from Hacks and Scams, if you ask, I will forward it to you.

However, for now:

  • Create strong passwords,
  • And use, wherever possible, two factor authentication.

All the previous advice about not passing personal details or money to anyone for whom you are not absolutely sure is entitled to it still stands.

The Future

There are a number of campaigns in the pipeline so look out for the following awareness campaigns:

  • The security of Catalytic Converters,
  • Dog Theft
  • Fly Tipping

And last but not least we will be pushing the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme in June to try and encourage more to join the scheme and get this information directly.

Positive Note

Some of you may have noticed a Police Car in and around the village last week.  Using the Parish Council Police Liaison System we have made the point that we rarely see a police presence. As a result we were visited by the Rural Crime Team who plan, as time permits, to visit the area more frequently.

As ever if there is something you feels needs reporting please get in touch.



Tom Smith