Hs2 Works Update Feb 2019

Following meeting with the Fusion-JV Site Project Manager we have been advised the ‘Look-ahead’ Project planning for the next couple of weeks.


Relief Road works will continue on the airfield north of the Perimeter Track to cut side V ditches and form bunds

On central part from Appletree Road to Perimeter track they will continue the soil strip

On southern part (Allens Orchard to Appletree Road) they will complete soil strip and begin excavations

The Balancing pond at Appletree Road will be excavated

Heras Fencing (the interlocking metal stuff) will be erected around the site of balancing pond excavations at Allens Orchard and Trial holes dug and tree removal on the green will be commenced.

Work will continue at Aston-le-Walls crossroads including part time traffic light control

The PC have asked to maintain (if possible) the Millennium Oak and Silver Birch on Allens Orchard green.  This is being reviewed again by the designers but as both are very close to the main excavation areas it is improbable but at least they are looking at it again.  The oak will be right against the pond boundary and the silver birch is very close to the current road edge.

I can confirm that the current plan is for BOTH temporary roundabouts on the bypass to be eventually removed once the main bypass is fully open but this will be undertaken sometime later by the main works contractors and not Fusion-JV who are building the current stage 1 part.  The second smaller roundabout will be at the new junction of the existing A361 and the bypass spur just outside the northern 30mph village entry signs.  This is NOT shown on any current published plans but is required for safe turning of vehicles (particularly HGV’s) at the junction.  The large roundabout at the end of the stage 1 bypass where vehicles will turn back down the spur to the existing A361 will also now have a road access to the airfield construction site and will be used to access the works by all construction vehicles during the main works programme.  From there vehicles will be able to pass East (under the new bypass by tunnel) and West along the railway trace to access the working areas.

As such it is proposed the second stage of the bypass completing the link back to the northern A361 will be built sooner rather than later in the scheme.  Which I think is good news!

More information will be available at the next Drop-in on 6th February from 4pm till 7pm at the Village Hall.

Meanwhile news is available on the Commonplace website (though it’s not updated very regularly by Hs2) at and any issues should be reported to their helpline on  08081 434 434 .

All households should also be soon receiving notice by post of the Advance Works Notice (AWN) relating to the next stages of the bypass construction.