Smarts Charity – Relief In Need for the Villagers of Chipping Warden

In previous years the Trustees have made a one-off payment at Christmas towards increased winter fuel bills of £50.00 to any village household who applies and who has a current resident over 70 years old.

We intend to repeat the grant in 2019 and any qualifying household who didn’t partake last Christmas and would like to be included this year should write to the Trustees with details of Name, Address and Date of Birth of recipient.

Additionally we are offering a limited grant towards bus pass costs for over 16’s in Chipping Warden who travel to Chenderit or other schools.  Anyone wishing to receive the grant should apply writing by 31st December 2019 and we will distribute the funding allocated amongst applicants.

Please apply to The Smarts Charity Trustees c/o Nigel Galletly: 3 Allens Orchard – or by email to