Minutes – January 2023

Minutes Uploaded on January 18, 2023

Minutes of 107th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 10th January 2023 in the Village Hall


  Present A Barclay                    C Brooke            P   Brown         J Coyne          D Cross                      N Douglas                  N Galletly            H Gairdner       N Meades  
  Clerk L Stanley  
107.1 Apologies None  
107.2 Open Forum  
  No residents  
107.3 Declaration of Interests  
    CB declared WNS/022/1392  
107.4 Minutes of 106th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
107.5 Village Environment  
  a) HG may be able source posts for notice board                                          on hold HG
  b) HG may be able to source fruit trees for Appletree Road                          on hold HG
  c) AJS Carpentry has been paid following security checks by bank.

ND to contact Highways (Helen Howard) & Simon Davis to ascertain if they can supply new 30 mph signs for new gates

ND to organise site meeting with Highways & HS2, also to check requirements for carpenter whilst installation takes place alongside road






  d) On going maintenance of new gates – probably to be carried out by councillors and allowance for this has been budgeted for.  
  e) Grass mowing – new plan to be drawn up once hand-over of relief road has been dealt with.

Authority given to Chairman to negotiate hand-over details




107.6 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Appletree Road path past electric station – leave on agenda for Road Safety Fund Budget 2023 End 2023
  b) Trip along SAR was cancelled due to bad weather; will be re-organised in spring  
  d) Relief road is getting really busy and speeding and headlights shinning into homes are causing concern  
  e) Culworth Road at cross-over is not being cleared and is very muddy.  
  f) Taylors Equestrian at Aston have a year left to build a bund between it and HS2 before time expires.  No further information.  
  g) Traffic lights on A361 have been set to give priority to HS2 traffic and is causing back-up problems on main road.  
  h) Trafford Bridge – work will be on footpath bridges only and building work will start again in March  
107.7 Activity Park  
  a) All inspections are up to date.  
107.8 Finance  
  a) a) Authorisation required: –

AJS (Gates)                                                £3518.75 +vat £703.75         = £4222.50

Microsoft Licence                                          £66.66 + vat £13.33              = £79.99

E-On                                                              £136.67 + vat 27.33              = £164.00

Notification: –

SSE September                                                £146.77 + vat £7.32          = £154.09



All Approved

  b) Current a/c £8167.15                      Deposit £12522.69

To pay AJS transfer deposit to current of £5000 was made

  c) Budget: – budget had been circulated and was discussed and agreed

PRECEPT – it was agreed to set this at £18000 for 2023/24

Motion agreed
107.9 Planning  
    WNS/2022/1392/ TCA – Manor House                                                 No objections  
    WNS/2022/1693/TCA – Court House                                                   No objections  
    WNS/2022/1921/FUL–Land north of Culworth RD (old morgue)              Pending

Objections from PC to be re-iterated again

Concern expressed that as the driveway to any new property here is outside of the village envelope.  Planning agreement could be taken as permission to build more dwellings.

A Legal Injunction could state that a covenant is in place not to use the driveway for any other properties if land is sold.









    WNS/2022/2063/LDP – The Green 7 Culworth Road

Proposed development comprising of the siting of a mobile home in garden to provide ancillary accommodation                                                           Delegated

Check to be made as family has moved on but planning is still live.






107.10 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
  a) WN Communication Team; NCALC UpDate; WNC Planning; CA-WN Exchange; Up Date from A Leadsam; CALC Training; Town & Country Briefing; Police Community News; Neighbourhood Alert:

£2 maximum bus fare has been introduced until March

107.11 Training for Councillors  
    AB wishes to apply for Community Emergency Plan Workshop LS
107.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) Millennium Sign has been cleaned and PB said that paintwork will need renovation in the spring.  Sign Maker will be traced through accounts as they are not in minutes  



  b) Cones in Hogg End were used to deter parking on path  
  c) Street light reported as “out” by Old Rectory LS
  d) Manor may apply for solar panel installation in top field by Mr Thompson’s barn  
  e) Complaints received concerning early (approx. 5 am) bin emptying from Griffin  
  f) ND’s field is flooded with sewerage and waterboard is investigating.  Metal trailers opposite Church are from this work  
  g) Dog fouling in The Close and the top of Appletree Road have become a problem; it appears that a resident is letting their dog out unattended  
  h) Road surface in Allens Orchard is on hold whilst budget is set by WNS  
107.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meetings – 14th March 2023 – 7.30pm at Village Hall

                          10th April – Annual Village Meeting


Meeting closed 21.00