Minutes March 2021

Minutes Uploaded on March 12, 2021

Minutes of Virtual 95th Meeting of the


held on TUESDAY 9th March 2021 at 7.30

Zoom Meeting Number 939 4515 0585

Password : CWMar21

Present C Brooke                P Brown                    D Cross                     H Gairdner

N Galletly                D Hussey                  N Meades                  V Woodford

Clerk L Stanley  
95.1 Apologies:  None  
95.2 Open Forum – Two residents present.

Steven Furby is considering standing for election and attended as an observer.

Item 95.5.c – Nicky Bellamy attended to discuss the extremely bad condition of the road and path along the whole stretch of Allens Orchard.  This has been reported over many years with little action, tarmac has almost eroded away leaving concrete exposed.

NB has written to Andrea Leadsom, MP and Ian Morris, County Councillor and been advised to ask for PC to enter an agenda item to ensure that the whole of the PC is aware of the condition of Allens Orchard.

She knows that PC has complained many times to Highways and that the issue has been reported many times to Fix My Street. Jason Smithers, Cabinet Member For Place, Highways And The Environment has replied to one of NB’s e-mails stating that there is a project to repair concrete roads in Northampton but there no details on which ones, and there is no planned start date.

NB has started to measure depth of broken surface along the length of the road and there are many broken and dropped kerbs.

NG said nothing would happen until new authorities in place and their budgets have been proposed; any budget should contain an amount for this project.  If it not scheduled then it would indicate that the scheme will not go ahead.

The meeting gave NB its assurance that she has its full support and will itself continue to pursue this issue.

95.3 Declaration of Interests  
  PB –  Item 95.10 – Long Barrow

VW – Item 95.10 – Hogg End

All – Item 95.5 – Gigaclear

95.4 Minutes of 94th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
95.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – nothing to report, continue to monitor agenda
    There have been 2 young horse riders using the bench on Allens Orchard as a mounting block.

The historic Mounting Block half way up Red Hill was removed by F Houhton-Brown because it was too close to the new kerb.  Several locations were discussed, the favourite was between the two new roundabouts to keep it within the village.

The local story is that the block was donated by a grateful traveller who heard the bells through the fog and managed to reach home safely.

  b) Appletree Road junction with The Close – new tree. Continue to monitor

Also, as with 95.5.c the condition of the roads and paths in The Close has reported many times and

  c) d/w Item 95.2  
  d) Mill Lane verges – notices on cars, notice board and along lane was discussed & agreed DC
  e) The issue of large fireworks will mentioned in the Annual Report, but the legalities need to be confirmed. NG
  f) Hedge past Churchlands on Appletree Road – reported to Street Doctor. Again as Ramac haven’t done anything.

The road to Aston is scheduled for closure possibly for 18 months due to HS2

    Gigaclear – There have been issues with re-instatement works throughout the village to date, especially the grass verges, some of which has now been dealt with.

No information regarding its work in either Hogg End or Mill Lane, but presumption is that both will have to be closed.

Work will be actioned from the noticeboard, past Church, down Mill Lane, through to sewage works and up the hill to Edgcote

    Banbury Road wall (Miss Adams wall) has been planted with trees.  Concern expressed that this will make path narrow and that children could fall into the stakes supporting trees, wall will be damaged by roots etc over the years, residents will have problems with overhang and it will be difficult to maintain wall once trees are established.  NG will bring this to the attention of HS2 and ask for instatement of grass verge  





    N Douglas joined the meeting  
95.6 Hs2  
  a) Footpath extension behind new substation – waiting to hear if funding available. NG
  b) Removal of Utility poles next to village hall  – it now appears that the land take from the VH will not be needed.  
  c) Sign at Aston crossroads – HS2 made aware.

Also large sign to north of village will be changed as it is incorrect.  PC to argue for smaller sign.

  d) 50 mph signs on relief road should be nearer to Appletree turning NG
  e) All signs, stands and sand bags should be removed as soon as no longer required and compound signs are not in keeping with village environment. Village is becoming more and more untidy.  



  f) PC has no say in “Hand over Meeting”, but it is worth reading documents online and possibly making comments on planning or send to NG.

Temporary roundabout north of village – swept path analysis pattern may have been mis calculated or just bad driving.



  g) There are several problems with balancing ponds which are being investigated by HS2  
95.7 Play Area  
  a) Inspection Reporting  – Dragon have carried out quarterly maintenance and found no problems. Roundabout was a concern but appears to be working with the better weather.  They will grease bearings during next review.  
  b) Post to be erected at entrance next week HG
  c) Shrubs & bulbs – Jasmine and clematis to be purchased with vouchers and PC will contribute to any shortfall.  An agreed expenditure of up to an additional £100 proposed by the chair and was approved by the Council  – Unanimous  



95.8 Finance  
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE – December £143.62 + vat £7.17 = £150.79 DD
    SSE – January £119.73 + vat £5.97 = £125.70 DD
    E-On photocell £23.47 + vat £4.69 = £28.16 Bacs
  b) Current a/c  £1467.56   Deposit £10516.44  
  c) SSE quote for renewal to be researched; invoices for comparison have been circulated.  


95.9 Defibrillator
    W.I. has asked if PC can take over the maintenance of the defibrillator, currently on the front wall of the Griffin.  Costing will be investigated.

The meeting unanimously agreed to take responsibility for the defibrillator.





95.10 Planning  
    S/2020/2106/FUL Demolition of existing building and replacement with one dwelling house. Byfield Road-delegated  Old Morgue –           consults dispatched  
    S/2020/2295/LBC at Trafford Bridge arch work –                                      Approved  
    S/2021/0175/LBC & FUL – 29 Hogg End                                  consults dispatched  
    S/2021/0359/ FUL – 6 Allens Orchard                                      consults dispatched  
    S/2021/0405/LDP – Pilgrims Cottage, 16 Banbury Road         consults dispatched  
    S/2021/0347/NMA – Hs2 phase Relief Road

S/2021/0436/HS2 – Hs2 phase Relief Road

All councillors to view and comment individually or to NG by 15//3/2021


95.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    NCALC Update; Health & Well Being; Village View Point; Joint Project; Police; Census reminder; CPRE  
95.12 Police Liaison Representative

Tom Smith (Parish Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator) has volunteered to act in this role.  This was discussed and unanimously agreed.

95.13 Training  
    No applications at this time  
95.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
    ND said southern village gates were in a poor state now – this was dealt with under 94.5.e and entered on Village Remedial List.  
95.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting – Annual Meeting can’t proceed due to Covid-19.

Annual Report will be prepared, on website, on noticeboard (CW and E) as for 2020  followed by Zoom meeting with access codes available to residents on 13th April 2021.

First meeting of new council on May 11th 2021, Covid rules to be checked for F2F.