Minutes – March 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 15, 2024

Minutes of 115th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 12th March 2024 in the Village Hall @ 19.30


Present P Brown, D Cross, N Douglas, N Galletly, H Gairdiner  
Clerk L Stanley  
Apologies C Brooke, J Coyne, N Meades  
115.1 Open Forum – No residents present  
115.2 Declaration of Interests – HG declared interest in planning items re Edgcote Estate  
115.3 Minutes of 114th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
115.4 Councillor Co-option  
  WNC has confirmed they have not received any applications for vacancy and Parish Council is now able to consider likely applications.  
115.5 Village Environment  
a) Grass Mowing – One tender was very promising, but further information required.

Letters to be sent once details to hand



b) Allens Orchard – all messages have been supportive of work and workmen on site.  There are a few minor remedial works to carried out and the Hogg End of the new path needs a dropped kerb for wheelchair access.  
115.6 HS2  
a) NG has met with Simon ????? to discuss ongoing several issues  
b) Tunnel is behind schedule due to water flooding in as it is below water table.  
c)  Most recent plans regarding layout following HS2 Phase 2 cancelation have not yet been seen.  
 d) PC will resurrect the proposed closure of Culworth Road as this would help with the proposal for the Blackground bridge.  Andrea Leadsome will be asked to get involved  
e) Investigation will be made into the possibility of HS2’s new environmental grants – this could be used to landscape the Allens Orchard balancing pond  
115.7 Activity Park  
  All inspections are up to date.

The bar on the first climbing frame will be replaced soon.

115.8 Training  
  None requested  
115.9 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE Dec                                              £143.14 + vat £7.83 = £150.97

SSE Jan                                                 £143.14 + vat £7.83 = £150.97

E-On – Repair                                         £23.47 + vat £4.69  =  £28.16

E-On – New Lantern                              £340.00 + vat £68.00 = £408.00

Clerk ½ year                                             £1423.18 no vat  = £1423.18

Village Hall (new yearly rate agreed)          £140.00 no vat  = £140.00

All approved
  b) Current a/c £1099.36   Deposit £23210.97  
  c) Assets of Community Value (ACVs) to be finalised asap  
115.10 Planning  
    2023/5903/FUL – Manor House, outbuildings                        Pending  
    2023/5904/LBC – Manor House listed buildings                     Pending  
    2023/6273/RMA – Land off Long Barrow                                          Pending  
    2023/6565/OUT – Land off Long Barrow                                        Approved  
    2023/7467/FUL–Barn Cottage, Long Barrow–garden office  Approved  
    2024/0825/FUL – new track over Cherwell for Blackgrounds  
    2024/1051/LBC – Trafford Bridge – strengthen bridge  
    2024/1310/LBC–Jasmine Cottage Culworth Road – replace chimney  
    No information regarding Rose & Crown  
115.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    Cycling/Walking infrastructure

Heyford Park designation as a neighbourhood area

NCALC Updates

Tree Strategy

Town & Parish Briefing

Northamptonshire Talking

Rural Funding

Beat Bus

NACRE Network

EE + H3G mast

WNC Local Plan

Utility Aid Details previously circulated – NCALC to be asked for further details











115.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
115.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting –   Change of date

Annual Meeting 7.30 16th April 2024

& village walk reports to Clerk


Meeting closed 20.30