Minutes – January 2024

Minutes Uploaded on April 15, 2024

Minutes of 114th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 9th January 2024 in the Village Hall @ 19.30


Present A Barclay   C Brooke, P Brown, N Galletly, H Gairdiner  
Clerk L Stanley  
Apologies D Cross, J Coyne, N Douglas, N Meades – arrived and had to leave the meeting immediately  
114.1 Open Forum – No residents present  
114.2 Declaration of Interests  – CB declared interest in planning items re The Manor  
114.3 Minutes of 113th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
114.4 Councillor Co-option  
  A Barclay has tendered his resignation; he was thanked for his input and will be missed  
  A notice will be sent to WNC and posted on both noticeboards.  WNC will advise if there have been any applications and whether election is required.  If no applications then PC can co-opt  
114.5 Village Environment  
a) HG brought the meeting up to date regarding the repairs to the four Edgcote bridges  
b) Hogg End northbound bus stop has been brought to the attention of Highways but there has been no reply.  
c) A resident was Investigating speed camera guns for the bypass – no information to date.  
d) The south-bound bus stop (Arbury Banks) was reported as being used as a toilet Monitor
e) Culworth Road sign falling down – Highways has been informed several times NG
f) RD Landscapes will not be tendering for 2024; they will be thanked for their work over several years.

3 contractors have requested the opportunity to tender and have been sent schedule.

One will be followed up for more information

One is excessive

And one has yet to reply

This will be discussed at the March meeting









114.6 HS2  
a) HG gave an update on the proposed plans for the Edgcote viaduct.  
b) The parapet is lower and the existing Wardington Road will also need to be lowered, but this work will take, possibly two months, and will be carried out in the spring  
c) Wardington and Culworth Roads may have simultaneous short-term closures.  
114.7 Activity Park  
  All inspections are up to date.

The bar on the first climbing frame will be replaced soon.

114.8 Training  
  None requested  
114.9 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE Oct                                               £143.12 + vat £7.83 = £150.97

SSE Nov                                                 £138.51 + vat £7.58 = £146.09

E-On –  Repair                                         £23.47 + vat £4.69  =  £28.16

E-On – Quarter                                     £204.00 + vat £40.80 = £244.80

All approved
  b) Current a/c  £1792.19   Deposit £23135.08  
  c) NCALC confirmed that depreciation of assets is not required and PC accounting and advice was given on bringing register up to date (as PC has done for several years)  
  d) Assets of Community Value (ACVs) to be finalised asap  
114.10 Planning  
    2023/5903/FUL – Manor House, outbuildings                                  Pending  
    2023/5904/LBC  – Manor House listed buildings                             Pending  
    2023/6273/RMA – Land off Long Barrow                                          Pending  
    2023/6565/OUT – Land off Long Barrow                                        Approved  
    2023/7467/FUL– Barn Cottage,Long Barrow– garden office Approved  
114.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    Police & Fire; Northants Talking; West Northants Move Forward; Council Launch; Town & Parish Briefing; Road Closures; Beat Bus; HS2 Schedule; NcALC Updates; Help Your Residents: Development: Waste arrangements; Registration Notification: Community Infrastructure; No Mow May; JACS Winter Operation:  Draft WNC budget; PSCO Recruitment:

Senbotex re textile recycling banks – no requirement at the moment

114.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
    Check Beat Bus venue as address appears incorrect LS
    County Lines issue – could Police include this with Beat Bus?  
114.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting –   12th March 2024 & village walk reports to Clerk  

Meeting closed 20.30