Minutes May 2021 & Annual Parish Council Meeting

Minutes Uploaded on May 27, 2021

Minutes of Two Meetings of the


held on TUESDAY 25th May 2021 at 7.30pm


  Present C Brooke          P Brown           J Coyne               D Cross         N Douglas

S Furby             N Galletly         H Gairdner          N Meades

  Clerk L Stanley  
N Galletly, as outgoing chairman, took the chair to open the meeting.  He welcomed James Coyne and Steve Furby to the Parish Council following their election.  He congratulated the seven councillors who had re-stood and been successful in the election
13.1 Apologies None  
13.2 Election of Officers  
  Chairman NG was willing to re-stand; proposed DC, seconded GH

There being no other nominees he was re-elected




  Vice Chairman DC was willing to re-stand; proposed NG, seconded CB

There being no other nominees he was re-elected

  RFO LS was willing to re-stand; there being no other nominees she was re-elected Elected
  Path Warden CB confirmed her willingness to continue in the role and was duly elected  


13.3 Governance & Accountability  
    a)                RESOLUTION, that the 2019 Code for Governance & Accountability for Smaller Authority be adopted.  


13.4 Finance  
  a) RESOLUTION, that the 2019 Financial Regulations and the Parish Councils Audit Policy be adopted together with the Financial Risk Assessment 2021  


  b) RESOLVED: “that in accordance with its’ powers under Section 137 of the Local Government Act of 11072, the Council should from time to time incur Expenditure which in the opinion of the Council was in the interest of the area or its inhabitants.”  



  c) RESOLVED: “that the Village Sign and the two wooden Bus Shelters should remain covered by the insurance but that the stone Bus Shelter and the street light will not be covered by the Parish’s insurance.”  
13.5 Standing Orders  
    RESOLUTION, that the 2018 Standing Order be adopted Policy
13.6 Transparency  
    RESOLUTION, that the 2014 Transparency Code for Smaller Authorities be adopted Policy
13.7 Data Protection  
    RESOLUTION, that NCALC continues to be retained as DPO (£10 fee included in invoice.  Also that the GDPR CODES for 2018 be adopted  


13.8 Code of Conduct  
    All Councillors were issued with May 2021 code and forms: –

GDPR, Register of Interest, Declaration of Acceptance and E-contact consent.




97.1 Open Forum – No residents present  
97.2 Declaration of Interests  
97.3 Minutes of 13th Annual Parish Meeting – Agreed and signed  
97.4 Minutes of 96th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
97.5 Village Environment  
  a) There have been many problems with the installation of Gigaclear throughout the village.  They still have to decide a schedule for Hogg End and have promised to walk through the problems with NM & ND NM
  b) ND stated that there has been no contact with Mr Lincoln  
97.6 HS2/Relief Road  
  a) Culworth Road closure – NG Reported that road would be Temporarily closed 8am-4pm from 7th June till 18th June.

Permanent closure has already been approved but PC continues to press to keep it open.  There have been comments that feeling may be changing and that many villagers may wish to see it closed.  A long discussion took place and it was decided that residents could be offered the chance to place their views.  An on-line survey will designed and put onto the PC website.






  b) Report on recent meetings – it was recently stated that Culworth Road would be closed `soon’. HS2 were informed that this was not allowed as it had been agreed that Wardington Road would closed first for work and Culworth Road only closed on completion.  This had been dealt with when petitions had been made and is recorded in Hansard.

PC were informed all footpaths would remain open, Now construction is occurring the one an the airfield towards Aston Le Walls has been closed.

PC needs to know who will be responsible for the bridleways fences and grass/weed control








  c) Archaeology – soil samples and finds have been sent to London for analysis.

A virtual presentation is being planned to be held in the village hall as a social event.

  d) Current Relief road issues – There is no further knowledge of this road opening; there have been no answers from EFKB, WNC nor HS2 despite e-mail and phone call.

There is an HS2 County Highways liaison meeting on 26th May.

A brief synopsis of the problems linked to the opening was given for the benefit of the new councillors.

  e) Friends of Boddington – this group is working well with several other Parish Councils. All e-mails and HS2 information is passed through the associated PCs.

There is a meeting on 3rd June with FoB group which NG cannot attend.




97.7 Activity Park  
  a) Volunteer inspections are working well & reports are kept on file.  
  b) There are one or two small issues that will be dealt with in Dragon’s quarterly inspection  
  c) V Woodford has ordered the clematis plants for the field-side fence and is hoping to get sponsors to `maintain a plant’  
  d) HG hopes to deal with the safety barrier at the entrance next week.  
  e) SF will check the gate into the adult equipment area  
  f) It has been reported that the neighbouring landowner is leaning machinery etc again the new fence.  This could damage the fence in time and this will be investigated  


97.8 Training  
    JC & SF may be interested in training, details of courses to e sent. LS
97.9 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE –  March                             £131.68 + vat £6.57 =               £138.25

SSE – April                                £126.02 + vat £6.28 =               £132.30

Zoom Licence                            £119.90 + vat £23.98 =             £143.88

RD Landscapes Ltd                   3400.00 + vat £80.00 =             £480.00

Sports Club to be paid when invoice received

ALL AGREED & to be paid BACS







  b) Annual Governance and Accountability Return: – Part 3 required again this year due to increases regarding play area turnover .

1 .Internal Auditor report – received and read to meeting

2. Pages 4 & 5 have been signed

3. AGAR  can now be submitted to External Auditor






  c) Current a/c £3007.82   Deposit £6516.52  
  d) PAYE End of Year Return for HMRC dealt with  
  e) Final VAT refund received £508  
  f) Defibrillator – £99 received from WI for maintenance – check to be kept, if green light on its OK LS
97.10 Planning  
    S/2020/2106– Old Morgue –                                                                           withdrawn  
    S/2021/0089 – Blackgrounds Farm                                                             APPROVED  
    S/2021/0359 – 6 Allens Orchard                                                                 APPROVED  
    S/2021/0175 – 29 Hogg End                                                                       APPROVED  
    S/2020/0373 –  16 Banbury Road                                                            APPROVED  
    S/2021/0576 – Rift Airsoft         Concern to be expressed due to further concrete bases        NG
97.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
  a) Spring Clean – details circulated  
  b) Repairs to lamps – spares are becoming obsolete & all lamps may require changing to LED.  Cost will be investigated for next meeting LS
  c) CPRE costs still to be investigated LS
97.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
  a) ND suggested that Parish Awards should be made to V Woodford for her work with the Activity Park bushes and both Val and Don Hussey for their many years in working on the Parish Council  



  b) HG said that the 2 Mill House and Mill Lane bridges had been reported through Fix My Street and they are due to be surveyed next week  
  c) DC asked if BT could be informed that Phone Box (listed property) requires painting. LS
97.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Village Walk – PLEASE send list of any concerns to Clerk – areas: –

Allens Orchard                            – NG

Appletree Road/Close                 – DC

Arbury Banks                              – SF

Banbury Road                            – NM

Byfield Road /Long Barrow        –  PB

Culworth Road                           – CB

Edgcote                                      – HG

Hogg End                                   – JC

Mill Lane                                     – ND


Next meeting – 13th July 2021