Minutes – November 2023

Minutes Uploaded on April 15, 2024

Minutes of 113th Meeting of the


Held on Tuesday 14th November 2023 in the Village Hall @ 19.30


Present A Eastwood – County Councillor

A Barclay   C Brooke, D Cross, P Brown, N Galletly,

J Coyne N Douglas, H Gairdiner may be late

Clerk L Stanley  
Apologies N Meades  
The chairman welcomed Councillor Eastwood to the meeting

a)     She confirmed that Allens Orchard resurfacing is scheduled for 5/6 December 2023

b)     There will be times when both Culworth and Wardington/Edgcote roads will be closed simultaneously despite promises to the contrary.

c)      She confirmed that she has no further information on the self build at Long Barrow.

d)     At the end of a meeting today, Councillor Eastwood was informed that a change to HS2 lorry movements is planned. This will involve 100 HGV leaving M40 @ junction 11, travelling to Greatworth and on to Chipping Warden via the Welsh Lane, A361 and back to junction 11.  It was noted that B4525 is now designated as a trunk road.

Councillor Eastwood was thanked for her attendance and information; she then left the meeting  
  ND joined the meeting  
113.1 Open Forum – No residents present  
113.2 Declaration of Interests  – CB declared interest in planning items re The Manor  
113.3 Minutes of 112th Parish Council Meeting – Agreed and signed  
113.4 Village Environment  
a) ND reported that H Gairdiner spoken to her concerning the repairs to Edgcote bridges and she asked him for the plans.  As Parish Council has not been advised of these, enquiries will be made,  



b) Hogg End northbound bus stop visibility is poor but there is very little PC can do.  Enquiries will again be made to Highways for there input and also asked about the possibility of a crossing  


c) Concern had been expressed at the opening of a café on the airfield.  There has been one there for employees on site for some time and another has opened, but now the main gates are open, residents are welcome.  
d) Several residents in this area have been approached and it would appear that this is no longer as issue.  Continue to monitor  


e) No other break ins/burglaries reported to date  
  JC joined the meeting  
113.5 HS2  
a) It has been confirmed that will be no accommodation at the HS2 compound  
b) A meeting HS2/Parish Council was held on 28th Sept in Allens Orchard; still very little clarity on the future of Allens Orchard’s balancing pond.  
c) General speeding along the road is causing much concern, speed guns to be investigated NG
d) HS2 lorries are often parking in gates & laybys.  
e) Wormleighton to Priors Harwick will be closed for 3 months whilst link over bridge is made  
f) Some HS2 lorries are speeding on the relief road and some large stones are being dropped.  
113.6 Activity Park  
  All inspections are up to date and there has only been one problem with a bar on the first climbing frame.  Dragon will be replacing this asap but as the bar has been removed there is risks involved  
113.7 Training  
  None requested  
113.8 Finance    
  a) Authorisation required: –  
    SSE –  Sept                                                                     £133.88 + vat £7.32   =               £141.17 Landscapes Sept                                                            £240.00 + vat £48.00 =               £288.00

Eon Sept ¼                                                                      £204.00 + vat £48.00  =              £288.00

Eon Repair                                                                  £23.47 + vat £4.69 =                  £28.16

Quickfix                                                                       £115.00 no vat                           £115.00

Parish Online                                                                       48.00 + vat £9.60 =                    £57.60

All approved
  b) Current a/c £2525.75   Deposit £23118.53  
  c) Assets to be re-assessed for replacement value but may have to wait due to new internal auditor being assigned  


  d) Assets of Community Value (ACVs) to be reviewed & listed (include Old Steps?)    LS/NG
113.9 Budget    
  a) Proposed budget discussed and approved Policy
  b) Precept agreed at £1800.00 Policy
  c) Clerk’s Salary agreed as per NCALC recommendations Policy
113.10 Planning  
    2023/5903/FUL – Manor House, outbuildings                                                   Pending  
    2023/5904/LBC  – Manor House listed buildings                                          Pending  
    2023/5953/FUL – 5 The Close – single story rear extension                       Approval  
    2023/6273/RMA – Land off Long Barrow-the original approved plans included a garage. Subsequent plans show the garage as a `granny flat’ which breaks with the self build original permission.                                                                        Pending  
    2023/6418/TCA – Manor House – remove prunus trees                             Approval  
    2023/6430/FUL -Warden Farm – change of use                                         Approval  
    2023/6433/LBC – Trafford Bridge – repair to bridge                                   Approval  
    2023/6844/TCA – 33 Byfield Road – work to beech tree                     No objections  
113.11 Correspondence – all previously e-mailed  
    NcALC Updates; Drop-In @Southbrook; Rogue Traders; CET: Cluster Care Group: Mature Drivers Roadshow: PSN: Dog Control: Bus Policy: Development Management: No Mow May: Police Audit: WNC Health Consultation; Cherwell Planning Policy: Town & Parish Briefing; NCALC Training:  
113.12 Matters for Next Agenda and/or information  
    Hall requirements for next year: – Second Tuesdays in – Jan, March (Village Risk Assessment-Walk), April (small hall for Annual Parish), May, July, Sept & Nov  
    Church would like to plant a tree just outside of the gates, this would replace the rowan tree that used to stand there – no objections from the meeting  
    Culvert pipe – if railings are removed from balancing ponds care must be taken to stop access to the large culvert pipes  
113.13 Date of Next Meeting  
    Next meeting –   9th January 2024  

Meeting closed 21.30