Neighbourhood Watch Notes – Feb 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Uploaded on February 18, 2021

Chipping Warden

Neighbourhood Watch – Policing in our Local Area

The number of neighbourhood police officers in Northamptonshire is set to double.  These officers focus on the local communities and this is seen as a major investment in visible local crimefighting. The county is set to be divided into 36 Beat Areas and this investment of about 50 Officers will provide an extra Officer to each beat.


Neighbourhood Watch – Frauds and Scams

This subject continues to be high on the list. This notice concentrates on telephone scams.  The scammer may pretend to be from a building society or bank and wish to discuss some correspondence with you. To do this they need to go through some security questions.  On the surface these requests seem OK; but they are not.  Banks and Building societies will not ring you up to discuss correspondence nor will they ask for personal details and account details.  They know all this stuff!


DON’T   give personal details to anyone who contacts you.

DON’T   use a call back number they give to you.

DO          make sure the caller is disconnected before you make any further calls.

DO         Pass on this information to your provide, Bank or Building Society etc.

DO         Report to Action Fraud:

Remember criminals are experts at impersonating people and organisations, including banks and other official bodies.


STOP – Take a moment to consider before parting with money or information.

CHALLENGE – Its OK to refuse to give money or information.  ONLY CRIMINALS WILL RUSH YOU.

PROTECT – Report any suspicions to you bank etc immediately and also Action Fraud as above.

If you would like more information on frauds and the logic behind them, please read a booklet produced by the Metropolitan Police. I can send it as a .pdf file on request.  Its not that small before you start printing!


Tom Smith

CW Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator

01295 660 608