Roundabout North of the Village is Perfectly OK

As usual the Village rumour-mill is in overdrive. The Parish Council have been asked if there is “Any truth in the rumour that bypass roundabout above school is going to to grubbed up because it’s not big enough.”

I can categorically state (Confirmed by Fusion JV) that – The roundabout is as designed and is plenty big enough and fit for purpose. The road closure north of the village for this weekend Friday 8pm till Monday 6am is still planned to go ahead. Local diversion is up Culworth Road and back to the cross roads. I believe Oxfordshire CC are also closing the road on 7th-8th April at Williamscot Hill – but I don’t know why.

Meanwhile I hope everyone is keeping well. Look out for your neighbors – especially the old and vulnerable – and keep safe from infection where possible.