Minutes July 2021

Minutes Uploaded on September 8, 2021

Minutes of 98th Meeting of the CHIPPING WARDEN & EDGCOTE PARISH COUNCIL held on TUESDAY 13th  July 2021


Present;       C Brooke                P Brown                 J Coyne            D Cross

S Furby                  H Gairdner             N Galletly          N Meades

Clerk:            L Stanley  
98.1 Apologies  
    N Douglas

Councillor Eastwood regrets she is unable to attend and would like to come to the next meeting

98.2 Open Forum – No public present  
98.3 Declaration of Interest – None to declare  
98.4 Minutes of 13th Annual & 97th Parish Council Meetings  
    Agreed and signed    
98.5 Village Environment  
  a) Brookfield Farm – Owner has confirmed his intension to continue to strim & clear this field On-going
  b) Tree on Appletree Rd/Close junction – Hs2 to be approached for supply of tree  


  c) Reports from Village Walk – to be collated and reported on Fix my Street where possible and circulated  


  d) Satellite Dishes – Concern had been expressed by resident at the number & positioning of aerials & dishes in conservation area.  WNC Conservation Planning stated that permission should be sought

It was decided that in the first instance the rules will be set out in the Parish News and website for residents.






98.6 Relief Road/Hs2  
  a) Path along top of allotments is still under discussion NG
  b) The main issue is speeding – there is a temporary order for the length of the bypass to be 30 mph.  An Independent Audit will be reporting to HS2 which PC hopes to see.  There are two 30 mph signs booked for north & south of the bypass.

Residents are pressing for “Village Only” signs at both entries to village.  It will ascertained if PC could resource these and place them on new signs

There is still no firm agreement on signage and PC will continue to follow this through.









98.7 Play Area  
  a) Shrubs have been planted along field side edge, a couple seems to have died.  Mrs Woodford has submitted invoices covering excess over gift voucher.  It was agreed to pay this and fund the further plants she has seen.  
  b) Review of entrance to park is in hand HG
  c) A request has been made for a `scooter’ ramp.  The PC does not own any land for this nor has any reserves to pay for one.  However, this will be monitored and reviewed as soon as is practical.  
  d) Grass cutter stated that he used a strimmer round any wooden structures in the park and didn’t get close to wooden parts.  
  e) Maintenance due and roundabout to be inspected by contractor to discover problem with bearings.  
98.8 Finance  
  a) Authorisation: –  
    SSE – May  £119.73 + vat £5.97 =                                      £125.70  
    SSE – June £127.61 + vat £6.37 =                                      £133.98  
    RD Landscapes – May 24, June 4 & 24   £600 + £120 =     £720.00  
    E-On Maintenance – £136.67 + vat £27.33 = £164.00

Plus 2 invoices from 2020/21 £28.16 each Total                 £220.32

    V Woodford extra plants for Activity Park                               £41.27  
    Came Insurance                                                                   £905.10  
    NCALC  – no vat                                                                   £557.98  
    SNAST Subscription & reports  – no vat                                 £25.00  
  b) Current a/c £2452.62   Deposit £12516.73  
  c) Cardinal quote circulated just before meeting; it was decided to proceed Motion
98.9 Defibrillator  
  WI offered to continue to check status of defibrillator as before and advise clerk of any problems or replacements  
98.10 Planning  
  S/2021/0519 – Ivy Cottage removal of fir trees – no objection  
  WSN/2021/0887 – Edgcote House – Replace windows  
  WSN/2021/0883 – Edgcote House – Repairs to tiles & lead  
  S/2020/2106 – Old Morgue

Sale of the rest of site is understood to be agreed but nothing signed

98.11 Correspondence  
  All emailed: – NcALC Updates; CPRE;   ERTA; NACRE Survey ;  SNC Healthy Communities  
98.12 Queen’s Platinum Jubilee  
  Research Palace web and details to be circulated  
98.13 Training for Councillors  
  JC and SF will look at training details again  
98.14 Matters for Next Agenda and/or Information  
  a) There has been quite a lot of artifacts found at Blackground Farm; these are transported to London for investigation

Bridges at The Mill, road to Edgcote and sewerage road have all be surveyed and require remedial work.  They will be closed sequentially.

  b) NG will review Culworth Road closure survey and circulate NG
  c) Flags etc on Rose & Crown should be removed now NG
  d) Mounting block from Red Hill is with F Houghton-Brown who claims ownership  
  e) CB will take up her role as bridleway/footpath warden CB
  f) SF will investigate condition of gates at village entrance and arrange quotes SF
98.15 Date of Next Meeting  
  14th September 2021 in village hall