Neighbourhood Watch Notes – 1st November 2021

Neighbourhood Watch Uploaded on November 3, 2021

That’s it then, Halloween over but sadly not all the badies have disappeared. There are plenty around to spoil our fun as we look towards Christmas and the New Year.

Some of the COVID restrictions are being relaxed and more and more of us have completed our course of jabs. As we look towards a season of parties and get togethers we need to continue to be wary of untoward behaviour by certain individuals and ensure that we keep ourselves and our community safe and secure.

For some members of our community, the threat of spiking drinks in pubs and night clubs is on the rise. The advice as ever is never leave your drink unattended and if for any unaccountable reason you feel unwell or “funny” tell a trusted friend and get out of the place and go home. If it is appropriate get an ambulance to take you to be checked over.  Remember it is not only drinks being spiked but individuals are also unknowingly being injected.

Reports have shown that there have been a number of thefts from property around the county. However, this threat appears to have been reduced by sensible security precautions with items being properly secured and/or locked away. Movement sensitive lights, doorbells with cameras and CCTV systems are all adding to a picture of security.  If you leave your property even for as little as an evening let a trusted person know and just keep an eye out for you.  Don’t leave items on display in cars, have somewhere hidden for deliveries and try not to advertise the fact that you are away by posting this information on Facebook etc.  We have all seen the posts of “Look at me at the Eifel Tower!” etc.

So for now, let’s think about our community and stay safe.  More information on what is going on is available through the Neighbourhood Watch community and there is plenty of room for new members.

Tom Smith